Friday, April 21, 2006


20thsenatorial Uncovered

I May Get in Trouble for This, but...

Hi, it's Buzz the Intern. The boss is away, so it's just me and W. Mark hanging out at the 20thsenatorial office suite. W. Mark is dozing off, as he does most of the day. Norton is probably on his third Shirley Temple at the airport bar. His flight was delayed.

I know Norton is big on anonymity, but I think we should be seen as well as heard. I'd like to thank our staff photographer, Marmaduke Wetherell, for the only known picture of the 20thsenatorial staff with the VW Microbus. That's me on the left and Norton on the right.

Buzz, that picture does not do you justice. You are much better looking in person. Norton, on the other hand, never looked as good as he does in the picture.
Buzz is all mine. Back off Lisa.
Doesn't Norton look a little like Art Garfunkel.
I think they are both adorable
Thank you Fred
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