Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Baker Receives Endorsement of FOP Lodge #36

Local Police Lodge Endorses Baker

20thsenatorial received the following Press Release from the Baker camp. It is printed below in its entirety. We asked the other candidates for comments, but only received a comment from the Haggerty camp, which is posted below the Baker Press Release.

Lisa Baker receives unanimous endorsement OF FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE, WYOMING VALLEY LODGE #36

DALLAS – The Baker for Senate campaign is pleased to announce that Lisa Baker, Republican candidate for State Senator, received the unanimous endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, Wyoming Valley Lodge #36. Lodge #36 represents members of local police departments in throughout Luzerne County.

“After careful consideration of Lisa’s background and qualifications, our decision was helped by the many local officers and elected officials who stand behind her integrity and commitment,” said Ron Rebo, president of Wyoming Valley Lodge #36.

“We appreciate Lisa’s long history of working productively with the law enforcement community and her understanding of the issues that are important to us and the communities we serve.” said Joe Mangan, lodge vice president.

“Law enforcement is one of the most important core functions of government and the men and women who serve us in this critical role deserve our support and appreciation. I am proud to stand with the members of Lodge #36 and thank them for their support.”

Haggerty's Response:

I am the only candidate who has more police officers on street, created special units for narcotics, and led a department that is recognized throughout the state as a powerful anti-drug force.

so if it was a unanimous endorsement, did Kingston PD forget to vote? or were they too busy doing all that top-secret anti-drug stuff.
I don't believe there were any Kingston officers at the meeting or members of that particular lodge.
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