Thursday, April 27, 2006


Baker's Blue Cross Connections

Bigus Questions Baker's Six Figure Job at Blue Cross

Bigus continued his assault on Baker's record. This time he's asking questions about her position she held at Blue Cross's Blue Ribbon Foundation. In another series of ads appearing in the Citizens Voice, Bigus asked four questions:

1. Why are Blue Cross Premiums Skyrocketing?
2. Why is there a $405 million dollar surplus at Blue Cross?
3. Who are the Executives/Administrators/Directors and what are their salaries?
4. When Mrs. Baker was working in government for Lemmond and Ridge, why weren't the Blue Cross problems addressed during those 20 years?

20thsenatorial asked the following questions of the Baker campaign about Baker and the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

1. When did she work there?
2. What was her position?
3. How did she get the job?
4. How many other people were considered for the position she took?
5. Wasn't her job created to keep her in the public eye after she was out of a job when Rendell took office?
6. Norton has personally heard Lisa say that the money the Foundation "gives away" is not from premiums. If this is true, where do they get the money?

We received no response from the Baker campaign.

Bigus and Norton pose excellent questions. But don't wait for the Baker camp to provide the answers. Do some investigation on your own.

Don't wait or expect the traditional media to tackle these issues either. I put my faith in you Norton. Go out there and scoop one for the Blogosphere.
Here's the answers to those questions, because I know you won't get them from Baker.

Bigus 1st

1. Blue Cross is a greedy bastard.
2. Greedy bastards horde money.
3. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, a number of greedy bastards.
4. Because Blue Cross is her base

Norton's questions:

1. Right after Rendell became governor.
2. Chairperson
3. Tom Ridge, Charlie Lemmond, and the other elites.
4. None. The position was created for her to promote her senate campaign.
5. YES!!!!!!
6. Of course the money comes from premiums, not directly of course, they gamble it in the stock and bond market first. I think their chief accountant is Andy Dufresne.
I'm glad people are noticing Bigus, he has the issues and I am a believer in his ability to help us.

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