Saturday, April 08, 2006


Bigus Blasts Blue Cross Baker

Bigus is going after Baker for her Blue Cross ties. In his continuing series of print ads, Bigus rolls out some facts. The ad, titled "Sick of Rising Blue Cross Premiums," lists the following:

FACT - Blue Cross Currently Has A Surplus of Almost A Half Billion Dollars $405,000,000!

FACT - Senatorial Candidate Lisa Baker Was An Executive Administrator At Blue Cross (2002,2003,2004,2005)

FACT - Baker's Salary Was Near $100,000 A Year While Administrating At Blue Cross

FACT - Baker Resigned Her Lucrative Position At Blue Cross Days Before Announcing Her Candidacy For The State Senate

FACT - Blue Cross Premiums Are Hurting Families, Senior Citizens Etc.

FACT - Russ Bigus Has Called For A Fast Moving Comprehensive Study To Analyze The Policies At Blue Cross

FACT - Russ Bigus Will Roll Up His Sleeves And Fight For Safe High Quality And Affordable Health Care

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