Sunday, April 09, 2006


Cabaret Update - Mr. Family Butts In

Mr. Family (pictured to the left) is apparently a fan of the way Haggerty handled his adult entertainment "problem" in Kingston. Mr. Family, the guy who encourages picture taking of patrons of the "all-nude" Club Ten in Wilkes-Barre Township, has posted some links to legal papers of Kingston Borough and Wilkes-Barre Township, respectively. See stopgclub10. Mr. Family asks readers "Which local municipality is trying harder to minimize the secondary effects of Sexually Oriented Businesses on their community. (Secondary effects = crime, drug use, decreased property value, etc.)"

* W. Mark Felt provided no information nor verified any information in this post.

Now that's funny. Mr. Family, don't be surprised if one of the pictures you take features Mr. Haggerty - known to be a frequenter of such establishments!
Didn't Lisa Baker put herself through college working at the Tillbury?
If she did work her way through college at the Tilbury, she must have relied on a lot of money from other sources.
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