Thursday, April 27, 2006


David Souter v. David Madeira

Madeira Speaks Out About Eminent Domain

20thsenatorial received the following Press Release from Madeira. It is printed in its entirety.

From: David Madeira for Senate

April 26, 2006

Madeira applauds legislatures efforts to preserve Property Rights.
Urges governor to sign immediately.

(DALLAS, PENNSYLVANIA) Yesterday, the Pennsylvania legislature unanimously agreed to begin the process of restoring the property rights of Pennsylvanians. The “Property Rights Protection Act”, Senate Bill 881 and its companion bill, House Bill 2054, will prohibit eminent domain abuse by restricting taking private property for private commercial uses, tightening the definition of “blight” that is used to condemn private property, and increase reimbursements to private property owners when eminent domain is exercised against them. The Supreme Court ruled last July in the Kelo v. City of New London decision that property could be seized by the government and then resold for private commercial uses.

David Madeira, candidate for the 20th District Senate Seat and strong opponent of the recent Supreme Court decision, was pleased by the vote. “Congratulations to the House and Senate for unanimously supporting this first step to restore property rights in PA. More work needs to be done to ensure that the definition of blight is not abused, but I urge the Governor to sign this into legislation immediately.”

At a meeting last evening, the Blooming Grove Republican Club asked the candidates for the 20th District Senatorial seat their stance on this issue. Madeira strongly supported property rights while Jim Haggerty, a lawyer, argued with the crowd, saying they did not understand the Kelo decision and how it is critical to democracy. He said that in a Democracy a majority of the people in a community should be able to take away private property rights for the “greater good.”

Susquehanna, Pike and Wayne Counties are currently facing one of the first backlashes of the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision. The New York Regional Interconnect project plans to route high-voltage power lines that would dip into Susquehanna County and run east to follow along the upper Delaware River. The power lines will follow the Norfolk Southern rail lines that cross the river into Pennsylvania in several areas. The company is already talking about taking private property for this privately funded commercial project that will benefit New York City. This project will put companies, such as Kittatinny Canoes, highly dependent on the upper Delaware River for its business, in peril.

Madeira, who is against the project if it jeopardizes the scenic and cultural resources of the region, said “I am very concerned it will be destructive to the tourism-based economy in Pike and Wayne Counties. Not only will they take private property, but the project will damage a major source of income for many of these residents for the benefit of the residents of New York State.”

Madeira was recently endorsed by former Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Toomey and Pike County Commissioner Richard Caridi. Both will be formally endorsing Madeira at Erhardt’s Waterfront Resort on May 1st at 6:00 PM. For further details and to make a reservation, see his website at

This guy is Frank Burns.
Haggerty obviously doesn't understand that we live in a REPUBLIC, not a democracy. Kelo is just another step in the road to Totalitarianism.
That's some big words. That guy must've been home schooled.
Yeah, his Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Georgetown Law schooling probably never went over the principals of a Republic government.

I'm sure your Johnson Tech "Government 101" went in-depth on that subject.
They probably have excellent civics courses. However, that doesn't mean Mr. Haggerty understands Republican government. His words with effect to Kelo don't demonstrate a woking understanding. Yeah big words from a simple car mechanic. I know a few college educated people That I wouldn't trust my dog with let alone our Constitution. Ted Kennedy anyone?
Wyoming Valley West '86. Thank you Mr. Norman Williams! Why hide behind anonymity?
If Haggerty loves eminent domain so much why hasn't he taken the roach infested homes on the end of main street? Great place to build a playground like the one in his backyard.
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