Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Do unto others...

A Personal Message to the Candidates and Their Supporters

We travel a lot throughout the district, and we see a lot of things. We happen to love seeing political signs scattered throughout the district. It's part of what we live for. There is, however, one thing that annoys us to no end. We will drive by a particular intersection on a Tuesday and see a sign for Candidate A. The next day we drive by and see a sign for Candidate B. Candidate A's sign is now either knocked down or missing. We have one thing to say about this. CUT OUT THE CRAP.

All of you have spent a lot of time and effort putting up your respective signs, so don't be tearing down your opponents' signs. We're not going to name names, ... yet, but before you start saying "not me" or "not my supporters," remember we were not born yesterday. When one of your signs is up today, but gone tomorrow and another candidate's sign appears in the same place, we know who dunnit. Let's not cast blame, but please from this day forward, instruct your workers or volunteers on these two simple sign rules.

1. Do not tear down, take down, burn, fold, spindle, or mutilate an opponents ' sign.

2. Do not place your sign directly in front of your opponents' sign. There's plenty of room a couple feet down the road.


Norton, Buzz, Mark, & Walter

Way to go, Norton
I agree. I outgrew that sign ripping down phase when I was 19. There's enough vandalism going on out there without the candidates helping out.
We were in Wyoming County the other day putting signs out. We passed by a spot where we had put one up an hour earlier and both mine and Dr. Madeira's were pulled out of the ground. I put both of the signs back up.

Also, I have been very unhappy about having to relocate my signs due to somebody putting bigger ones in front of them. There's one that was blocked today that I haven't had chance to move yet.
I think if you are wooried about signs you will lose every side has idiots who wil tkae down signs thinking it actually helps,
signs in general can be wastefull, volunteers time would be much better spent making phone calls
If they insist on being outside send them door to door which is more effective then a phone call but in the time it tkaes to knock 20 doors, over one hundred phone calls can be made
Good job Carl. There is still honor among candidates. And to Fitzpatrick, we still like signs.
i wish someone would knock down that 'joe peters' sign on route 309 in mountain top already
Hi Bud! Welcome back!

I've seen a few signs come down too, but most of them had been put on private property without permission.

Just hope that all of you complaining about losing signs will be out there on May 17 picking them up.
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