Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Felt Temporarily Suspended

Norton Cites Misuse of the Blog

20thsenatorial has temporarily suspended W. Mark Felt from his duties at 20thsenatorial due to his using the blog for personal purposes. "A command decision had to be made," Norton the Blogger said. "And, I am the decider. I belief W. needs some time to reflect on his actions." Felt promoted his new book, A G-man's Life, (available at Amazon for $16.98 as of Sunday, April 30, 2006) during the absence of Buzz the Intern. "Even though W.'s contribution to this blog is invaluable and his book has received great reviews, the rules are the rules --- NO EXCEPTIONS. Maybe after writing 'I will not use the blog for personal purposes' 1000 times, W. will have learned his lesson."

In the interim, Buzz the Intern, recently released from his service to New York State, will resume blogging until Norton's return.

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