Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Five Republicans and One Democrat

The election to replace Senator Charles Lemmond will be held on May 16, 2006. There are five Republicans and one Democrat seeking election. This is a predominently Republican District which encompasses all or part of Luzerne, Monroe, Wyoming, Susquehanna, Pike, and Wayne Counties.

The Republican candidates for election are Lisa Baker (www.bakerforsenate.com), Russ Bigus (www.bigus4senate.com), {Baker grabbed bigusforsenate.com before Bigus could get it}, Jim Haggerty (www.haggertyforsenate.com), Dave Madeira (www.madeiraforsenate.com), and Carl Sutton (no website yet.) The lone Democrat is Robert McNamara (no website yet and not the former Secretary of Defense.)

The basics of the race are this.

1. The winner of the Republican primary will win in November.
2. All the Republican candidates are from Luzerne County. McNamara is from Sus. Cty.
3. 40 percent of the voters live in Luzerne County.
4. Baker portrays herself as a Harrisburg insider who knows how to get things done.
5. Bigus claims he's the only "sportsman" in the race and has been endorsed by PA Clean Sweep.
6. Haggerty touts his highly successful three terms as Mayor of the district's largest town, Kingston.
7. Madeira is appealing to the far right and hopes to "out-conservative" everyone else.
8. Sutton is hoping to break 5 percent of the vote.

I hope to have daily postings between now and election day.

Good luck with your blog. We need to take a good look at this race.
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