Friday, April 14, 2006


Former Council Member Criticizes Haggerty

Mollie Phillips says Haggerty Hasn't Done Much in Kingston ---- Council members say Phillips attack is sour grapes

Mollie Phillips, a former member of Kingston council attacked Haggerty in a letter to the editor published in a few 20th district newspapers. Phillips who served on council from 2000 to 2004 did not seek re-election to council for lack of support. Two former and one current council member have told 20thsenatorial that Phillips was an obstructionist when she was on council and that she failed to seek re-election after her former supporters abandoned her.

One former council member told 20thsenatorial that Phillips' support was never there in 2003. "When Haggerty would not support her re-election bid, that was the final straw. Kingston Republicans refused to sign her nominating petition, because they were well aware of her obstructionist practices and her offensive demeanor to fellow council members and citizens alike. Her criticism of Haggerty is just sour grapes. She didn't know anything about Kingston when she was on council, and knows even less now."

For the record, Haggerty has the full support of all current Republican council members. Many have contributed to his campaign and most have volunteered their time to his campaign.

She's a total zero.
I've heard that there are NO repubs in Kingston who think like Phillips. Zero. Like it or not, Haggerty did a great job in Kingston. You've really got to distort things to argue that he didn't straighten that town out. I'm pretty sure Phillips has been working for Baker and that's why she wrote the letter.
I think you need to drive through Kingston - there are many, many people who are not for Haggerty. But irregardless I'd like to see the editorial before I hear about how everyone else feels about it - as I do not receive the times leader how about printing it?
Good point. And Haggerty signs in the yard (unless they are at 18 Church) don't always mean votes for Haggerty.
Are you people morons? Do you see the numbers Haggerty runs up in the Kingston elections? Do you know that there's WAY more democrats in Kingston than republicans? The guy gets more than two-thirds in the GENERAL elections, when republican voters are outnumbered by D's. Wake up, already.
To the anonymous who doesn't get the Times Leader:

Her comments were in the Citizens Voice. Send me your name and address, I'll send you 50 cents, and you can go to Turkey Hill and buy a copy for yourself. Or you can just look it up online.
Don't need to be nasty I'll go get the paper. I just find it odd you'd write about all the rebuttals before you tell us what you're talking about. Learned alot by your response though
the last thing the taxpayers need is someone from his office his empty suit....Did he author a single piece of legislation in the 20+ years he was there?....I wonder which piece Mz. Baker is most proud of...
Yes. I learned a lot by his response, too. He's not gonna let some idiot tell him how to run his/her blog. (I really think Norton is a woman. She just uses the Norton name to throw us off.) I've lived in Kingston for 25 years, including Mollie's 4 year stint on council. I even attended council meetings during that time. Mollie never had anything useful to say when she was on council, so why should Norton quote her no?
Sorry, that last word should be "now"
to George- he should quote her because he is quoting oppostition to her stance. I don't care as I am a Haggerty supporter I just care that I had no idea what she said and only asked him to print it too. I do think this blog is full of candidates talking heads and is so very acrimonious. I'm just watching the race and thought it would be good to know........there are other people who are not anyone's payroll reading this
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