Sunday, April 09, 2006


Got a Scoop?

If you have some info about the 20th Senatorial campaign, share it with 20thsenatorial. Anonymous submissions will not being given the same weight as readily verifiable information. Information from the candidates, particularly press releases, are printed verbatim. All sources, however, are considered confidential, unless we are specifically instructed otherwise by the source. We get a lot of info sent to us, but we don't blog it unless we can trust the source or can verify it on our own. Send your submissions directly to

A special PS to the candidates. TURN OFF YOUR SPAM BLOCKERS or list as an acceptable e-mail source. We're having some trouble getting through to certain candidate e-mails. If our messages can't get through, we can't seek your
comments or disseminate valuable info to you.

* W. Mark Felt provided no information nor verified any information for this story.

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