Friday, April 07, 2006


Hail, Hail the Gang's All Here

I guess "better late than never." Perhaps my taunting paid off. Haggerty has joined the gang. The 20thsenatorial staff was just sitting down to watch a replay of the 2006 WNBA draft, when a buzzer went off on our blogomatic-e-mail-receiving device. Haggerty wrote to us, ... finally. Here's what he wrote along with sending his "stock" photo. (Haggerty is the guy facing the camera.)


Sorry for the delay in corresponding with my favorite local blogger. I have been spending a lot of time out in the lovely wilderness that comprises a large portion of the 20th Senatorial District.

I will be keeping tabs on your page as it seems to be both fair and neutral as well as active and engaging.

Best of luck, do not hesitate to contact me for comment on any matter. I have attached a picture for your use.

Jim Haggerty

Welcome aboard. And, now back to the draft.

I'm jealous, he intimated I was his favorite.
If the gang's all here where is the Baker info or is this just the slap you on the back, bring down the chick good fella gang? Guess your not as fair and balanced as you set out to be - I just can't figure out if you're working for Haggerty or Madeira
If you read below...he speaks of Baker about five times and waiting to hear in from her. If anyone he's probably working for Baker.
not announcing her signing on just about her opponents (and norton's) attacks
To Mr. or Ms. Anonymous and the Purple Cobra,

It's a shame we live in a time, where everything in the political realm is so 'political.' I'm not on any candidate's payroll. I am a POLITICAL JUNKIE, and I thought a good way to feed my addiction was to blog the 20th Senatorial race. I'm new at this blogging stuff, but I do my best to be fair and impartial.

I print, verbatim, every press release I receive from the candidates. I let them have their say, but I certainly will call a "spade" a "spade." If I think somebody's feeding me a line of crap, I'll call them on it, whether, it's Haggerty or Madeira or Baker or Bigus or Sutton or even Bob McNamara. (Notice I mentioned them all.)

Think what you want, but I'll keep on blogging, and you'll see that everybody gets their fair share of praise and criticism.
Give 'em hell Norton. To paraphrase the President, "Norton, you're doin' a heckuva job."
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