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Here's Mud in Your Eye

‘Clean’ Madeira called muddy

The Times Leader reports today that Haggerty says Madeira is saying "Do as I say, not as I do." Madeira has claimed in the media, including on 20thsenatorial that he is running a "clean" and "issue oriented" campaign. See "Madeira Logs On" below. Haggerty tells the Times Leader that such is not the case.

M. Buffer of the Times Leader writes:

"David Madeira has complained about press coverage focusing on negative attacks in the five-way race to nominate a Republican for the 20th District state Senate seat, saying he is all about the issues.
In fact, Madeira has ripped some of his opponents, too. Yet the Dallas chiropractor says his criticisms are about issues and are not personal attacks.
“I have been keeping it clean,” Madeira said in an e-mail sent to the Times Leader earlier in the week, (20thsenatorial has posted that entire press release. See "Madeira Logs On" below.) taking the newspaper to task for its coverage of some negative aspects of the race.
“This trains candidates to attack each other to get coverage,” he wrote.
The e-mail came on the heels of stories about candidate Jim Haggerty railing about a $4,000-a-month consulting deal involving Lisa Baker’s campaign manager, and candidate Russ Bigus picking on a Baker campaign flier, saying the support from hunters it professed was misleading.
In two recent press releases issued before his “keeping-it-clean” e-mail, Maderia targeted Haggerty and Baker.
He hammered Baker for aligning with “pro-abortion advocates,” and he said Kingston Mayor Haggerty, an attorney, was “in favor of forcing doctors out of Pennsylvania” because he doesn’t support caps on “pain and suffering” damages in civil suits.
“That’s worth a chuckle,” Haggerty responded Friday. “That’s not a fact. That’s a mischaracterization. … I would not say David has been negative. He has mischaracterized what some of the other candidates stand for.”
Haggerty said the state legislature should continue to let juries decide damage amounts.
Madeira defended his criticism of Haggerty’s opposition to caps on damages.
“That’s not a personal criticism of Jim,” Madeira said. “I think it’s clean. … It has nothing to do with a relative’s brother’s cousin who is on a campaign staff.”
On Monday, Haggerty questioned an arrangement in which Brian Grove works for no pay as Baker’s campaign manager and receives $4,000 a month as a consultant for Back Mountain Recreation Inc., a nonprofit organization that receives government funding and is set up to conserve open space and develop recreation facilities in the 10 municipalities of the Back Mountain region.
“Is contrasting yourself negative? Brian Grove’s insider job is a fact people should know,” Haggerty said.
Grove resigned as the organization’s executive director in December. He said he was paid $6,000 a month as the organization’s only full-time employee.
In response to Haggerty’s jab, Grove parried, saying Haggerty was upset he rejected an offer to run Haggerty’s campaign.
Haggerty said Friday the offer wasn’t serious.
“I joked he should join up with the winning side in the election,” (Reported here first. See "Haggerty criticizes Baker's campaign head’s insider ties" below) Haggerty said. “If he took that as serious and not as a joke, God bless him.”
Grove said, “I stand by my earlier statement.”
Grove said Baker doesn’t want her campaign to be about the other candidates “or their campaign managers.”
He said “it’s ironic” Madeira said his campaign was “issue-oriented” just a week after blasting Baker for aligning with retiring state Sen. Charles Lemmond, R-Dallas, and former Gov. Tom Ridge, whom Madeira called “pro-abortion advocates.”
Lemmond and Ridge have endorsed Baker, a former Lemmond aide, as his successor.
Madeira justified his criticism of Baker by saying “she has not been clear on the life issue.”
Baker said she supports the state’s current law on abortion, which includes some of the toughest abortion restrictions upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.
“I don’t believe government can or should make personal decisions for individuals or families; however, I do not approve of abortion. Government’s role must be to provide assistance to individuals and families that support life,” Baker said in a statement issued Friday.

Guess Madeira's caps and loser pays thing shit the bed today with the front page article in the Citizens' Voice...
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