Sunday, April 09, 2006


Honesdale is Baker Country

20thsenatorial had a great road trip yesterday. While the candidates spent last evening in the Lake Wallenpaupack area, we traveled the Northern Tier. I hope to post a picture or two a little later in the day. We ended our night at The Limmerick in Honesdale. There was also lots of positive talk about Baker in the bar while we enoyed a couple of cold drafts.

Honesdale's definitely "Baker country." There are a heck of a lot of signs for Baker in the Honesdale area. Somebody is really working that area for Lisa. We did see one 4' by 8' Madeira sign, but it may have well been 4" by 8" (The colors, unlike the smaller signs, made the 4' by 8' almost unreadable.) Dave, get you money back from the print while you still can.

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