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Is Baker a Flip Flop?

Questions Arise on Baker's Position on Paying For State Police (20thsenatorial Exclusive)

I guess you have to take the good with the bad. For a candidate who has based much of her campaign on her famous and influential friends, she sure backs away from them when they support or supported unpopular ideas. First questions arose, and are still arising as to Baker's true stance on the abortion issue. Baker's Two Biggest Named' supporters (Charlie Lemmond and Tom Ridge) are both pro-choice, Baker says she's pro-life, but pro life groups aren't buying what she's selling. Now an issue has arisen as to Baker's position on paying for State Police services.

In 1999, Baker voiced support for a $70.00 per person annual tax for townships of 5,000 or more people who did not have their own police force. She was quoted in the Pocono Record as saying, "(T)he administration believes that communities have an obligation to provide for public safety and those who can afford to do so but can't are draining services." See Pocono Record Article. She said it was "a matter of equity."

When asked by 20thsenatorial about the former support of the police taxing issue, Baker spokesperson, Brian Grove responded that "Lisa has made her position clear regarding state police coverage in the district:"

"Lisa Baker supports increasing the number of state police to provide much needed help to the many communities that rely solely on them for service, without levying additional fees or taxes on our local governments or citizens.

One of government's fundamental responsibilities is to ensure the safety of its citizens. In addition to cutting back or eliminating their police forces, there are many communities in the 20th District that have never had a police force. Lisa supports increasing the number of state troopers to provide much needed help to these communities and to assist with the issues the 20th District will experience as a result of gambling.

Moving forward, Lisa believes state government needs to provide support for local communities to make it easier for them to work together, where appropriate, in providing numerous services including police and fire protection, planning, zoning, among other areas of potential cooperation. She will work with local government officials to encourage this cooperation and, where appropriate, regionalization of services so they are cost efficient and effective for our citizens."

At least two other candidates aren't buying Baker's rationale. When told that Madeira said Baker supports a police tax, Brian Grove shot back with: "Mr. Madeira's assertion is completely untrue."

Madeira supported his assertion with this. Referring to an event at which the police tax subject was raised, Madeira said: "... Lisa spoke after this gentleman's question, obviously knew all about it from her history with the Ridge administration, and did not answer the question anyway. In fact, I am not aware of where she 'has made her position clear' on this issue. I don't know how my assertion was 'untrue' when her last public statement on this issue was supportive of the tax ..."

Haggerty, when reached for a comment said: "This is another example of Baker trying to have it both ways. She wants the endorsements of pro choice people, but says she's pro-life. When it comes to the police tax, she supported in 1999, now she's says she against it."

The other candidates were asked for a comment on this issue, but did not respond.

Sometimes I Lisa Baker running for Senate or is it Brian Rove? I guess I should give Lisa B. credit for learning from her mistakes. After repeatedly sticking your foot in your mouth, it's always safer to let someone else do the talking for you.

Good luck Brian. You have a lot of work ahead of you.
You said Brian "Rove" it is Brian Grove,
Is that a typo or a compliment, I
I know Brian and you could call him the Rove of PA, worked on the campaign and government side for Ridge and Fisher. He was also incharge of NEPA for Bush in 2000 and 2004. he is a great campaign manager with a brilliant political mind
Brian Grove: 70K high paid parks/rec director.

Lisa Baker: 100K to give away your blue cross subscriber money.

Mr. Baker: 90K AS ex-Lemmond aide. now working on your dime for the state.

Is there any more reason to stop the hogs from feeding at the public trough?
Hey Fitzpatrick, Maybe you should send that message to Governor Fisher
For a worker like Gary Baker, 90k is a bargain!
Gary Baker works alright....on the $6 Chinese buffet until the Kung Pao Chicken runs out.
Let's do a top ten list about Gary Baker. Someone come up with a subject.
I saw that picture of Lisa B. sitting on the beach in flip flops and I knew I knew her from somewhere... I've seen her hanging out at the Jubelirer Waffle Shop with that creep Felix Brown.
To Bill Fitzpatrick Is that the same Grove that will probably be indicted for opening his big mouth ???
sorry i meant Rove
Rusty, Rusty, Rusty... haven't you learned anything from your last foray into politics? Lisa Baker could be someone's sister.
karl Rove will not get indicted and will most liley ge this name cleared, but even if he did leak the name of an undercover aganet working in VA who hired her husband to make some stuff up
he is still a genius
Who's Karl Rove? I thought this was a discussion about 20th District Senatorial Candidate Brian Grove. And of course, Brian's boss, Lisa Baker, who can't seem to get her story straight on whether she supports some new police tax.
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