Sunday, April 23, 2006


Issue 4 ----- Constituent Services

Candidates Express Their Views on Constituent Services

We asked the candidates for their responses to 13 questions. Over the next few days, we will post their answers. We put the candidates names in the blogomatic candidate randomization selector, so the order of their answers is totally random. Here's the fourth of our questions.

What will you do to better serve the residents of the 20th District with constituent services?


I entered this race to show that a person could win this seat without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. By doing this, I am not tied to special interest groups or big money. I have no one to pay back except every resident of District 20. That’s the best service you could give constituents.


I plan to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all current operations to determine where costs can be reduced, procedures can be streamlined and services can be enhanced.

For 20 years, I have been committed to providing service that is user-friendly, customer-focused and responsive to the citizens I have served. My experience in government has taught me the importance of maintaining a continual presence and direct, open lines of communication with area residents.


I hope to be an active and aggressive lawmaker who believes that our region has a great deal of untapped potential and I will work tirelessly for better jobs and a better economic future.


As a small businessman, I know how to deliver service to my “customers”. Accessibility is critical. I will apply the listening and problem solving skills I have learned in 16 years of private practice and during my service as the President of the State Chiropractic Association. But most important, I will work everyday to get state government out of the pockets and off the backs of working families who want nothing more from their government than to be left alone.


Bigus did not respond to our questionnaire.


I plan to:

1. Publish a weekly e-mail newsletter.
2. Hold at least one town meeting per year in each of the counties in the 2oth District.
3. Guarantee a quick response to any question or concern.
4. Keep an "open door" policy.
5. Host and attend a weekly breakfast for constiuents visiting Harrisburg.

Is that Brian Grove in the picture?
Fran, right high school, wrong student. Look at the's Bigus!
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