Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Issue Questionnaire

20thsenatorial Questionnaire Makes Voting Easy

Last week, 20thsenatorial sent questions to the candidates. We believe all of the candidates received the questions, although despite repeated requests, we believe that a certain candidate still thinks our e-mails are spam. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE OUR E-MAILS IF YOUR SPAM BLOCKER IS NOT ACCEPTING '' This is your last warning.

Here are the questions.

1. What will you do to better serve the residents of the 20th District with constituent services?

2. What is your position on legalized gambling in Pennsylvania?

3. What is you position on abortion?

4. What would you do to reduce the burden on property taxpayers?

5. How would you improve the quality of education in the Commonwealth?

6. What is your position on tort reform?

7. What is your position on gun rights or gun control?

8. Many communities in the 20th have cut back or eliminated their police forces, further burdening the state police. How do you make sure the people of the 20th have adequate police protection?

9. Do you favor legislation allowing civil unions for homosexual couples?

10. Pike and Wayne County are the two fatest growing counties in Pennsylvania. How would you protect the environment and still allow residential and commercial improvements?

11. What is your position on the state of eminent domain law in Pennsylvania in light of Kelo v. New London.?The Kelo decision (All 58 pages) can be seen at this link.

12. What are you thoughts on last year's legislative pay raise?

13. Who's your favorite blogger?

I think Norton might be Lisa Baker trying to set up a website to endorse herself.
I think Lisa's got a thing for Buzz the Intern
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