Sunday, April 16, 2006


IT WAS a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

Welcome to 1984

Why is it so hard for the local media to understand that our rights are being trampled by "the man." In the past two days, two major area newspapers either didn't care or were too lazy to take the time to do the research. I guess it's easier to pick up the phone and call some pencil-pushing troglodyte at PennDOT and get her opinion than it is to read the law yourself. See Another Gutless Editorial. If they had, they would realize that "the man" can't rip down political signs on public highway rights of way. After our meeting with legal counsel, (MAYBE THE NEWSPAPERS COULD TRY THIS SOME TIME) one thing became abundantly clear. "The man" can't take down political signs in the public rights of way regardless of what their "law" says.

Political signs may not be pretty and some are left to litter our highways and byways months after the election is over, but political speech is often not pretty. We have a 1st Amendment right for free speech for a reason. It is the basis of a free society. And, just because the speech isn't pretty or isn't what we agree with, we still have that right. The Courts understand this, so why don't the newspapers who rely on the very same rights?

Since the newspapers won't do their job, we will do it for them. So while they're enjoying their Easter dinner, we'll be reading Rappa v. State of Delaware, the case where the 3rd Circuit Federal Court ruled that the Department of Transportation couldn't rip down signs on public rights of way, because to do so VIOLATED THE 1ST AMENDMENT. A blog will follow.

So Times Leader and Citizens Voice, are you afraid you may offend some readers if you stick up for free speech rights that aren't popular?

The 20thsenatorial staff would like to extend our wishes to all of our readers for a Happy Easter with your families, that is if the State Police don't find a repealed 1862 law which outlaws Easter Egg Hunts in a time of war.

Bravo, Norton! Should somebody got to court over this? What do you think?
Excellent!!!! It is so nice to see someone who's not afraid to stand up for what is right.
You got balls buddy
What a wicked and witty sense of humor. I hope the State Police don't know where you live, or for that matter the CV, the Times Leader, PennDOT, and that guy in Damascus. Keep it up. SOMEBODY HAS TO
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