Thursday, April 13, 2006


Jim Haggerty -- Attorney at Law

Does Haggerty's Criminal Defense Work Create a Conflict?

20thsenatorial has received a few questions about Haggerty criminal defense work. People have asked how Haggerty can represent criminals in his legal practice, and at the same time, claim he "will strengthen current criminal laws that protect our most vulnerable..." How do you answer this, Haggerty?

20thsenatorial has asked the other candidates for comments, but we have not received any.

I have a few questions for Mr. Madiera. I appreciate his strong stance against abortion but wonder what his stance on other social issues are. As a graduate of Bob JOnes University are you against inter racial marriage? How do you feel about the Catholic and Mormon faith? And do you believe that while you should love those that do not believe as you do you should not yield to them?
He doesn't mind Catholics as long as they can tell him how to run a campaign. Isn't that right, Errol Flynn and John Scott??
I hear Haggerty is the guy to go to if you get a DUI - his aquittals based on technicalities have been written up on legal internet pages for other DUI defenders to refer.
So does he believe the teachings of his school or not.....please ask
If you call basic freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights (Freedom from unreasonable searches, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, etc.)legal technicalities, don't go to Haggerty or any other lawyer, when the police come busting down your front door and then find out they had the wrong house, we wouldn't want you to "get off on a legal technicality."
I will ask Madeira the question, but I must first do a little research. I've been quite tied up with those idiots from the State Police.
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