Monday, April 10, 2006


Lemmond Endorses Baker (Part 1)

In a non-surprising announcement, retiring Senator Charles Lemmond, has endorsed Baker. Below is the exact text of a letter sent to Republicans throughout the district.

When my decision not to seek re-election was announced last fall, I said that I would wait until the field of candidates was set before considering any endorsement. That is a matter of basic fairness for the candidates and the voters.

Now that the petitions are filed, and candidates are official, my preference is clear --- I am supporting Lisa Baker.

Lisa worked for me for several years, but I have known her for a long time as a friend, as someone deeply involved in the community, and as a respected professional. There is simply no doubt that she has the character, the enthusiasm, and the exceptional qualifications to be an outstanding state Senator.

Ours is a big district geographically, and Lisa is far better acquainted with the people, the communities, the views, and the hopes that make up the district than any of the other candidates.

I do not expect that her positions and priorities will be identical to mine. But I have complete confidence in her judgment, her principles, and her deep desire to serve.

In every position she has held, inside and outside state government, Lisa has been given a lot of responsibility, and she has performed admirably. She understands the importance of the personal touch in solving problems, and she understands the importance of accountability to the taxpayers. She possesses the kind of practical experience that fits perfectly with our interests.

She grew up here, and she came back to this area to live, work, and raise a family. She is sincere in her reasons for running, and genuine in her ability to achieve results.

I appreciate the many courtesies shown to me during my twenty years in this position. I hope you will join me in supporting Lisa Baker for state Senate in the May 16th Primary. Thank you for your consideration.

Charles D. Lemmond
State Senator

20thsenatorial will be doing a follow up story on this endorsement in the near future. Stay tuned.

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