Sunday, April 30, 2006


Lodge #46 Endorses Baker

John Hancock Memorial FOP Lodge Endorses Baker

We received the following press release from the Baker camp. It is posted in its entirety.


Fraternal Order of Police, John Hancock Memorial Lodge #46,
Endorses Lisa Baker for State Senator

DALLAS– The Baker for Senate campaign is pleased to announce that Lisa Baker, Republican candidate for State Senator, has received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, John Hancock Memorial Lodge #46.

“The members of the lodge recognize Lisa’s support and mutual concern for issues facing law enforcement officers and the general well-being and safety of the citizens of the our region and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, “said Joseph E. Sarkis, president of Lodge #46.

“The Pennsylvania State Police provide critical police protection to much of the 20th Senatorial District, particularly our rural communities. I am proud to have the support of the John Hancock Memorial Lodge and am committed to making sure that we work together to improve public safety and police service throughout the region.”

The John Hancock Memorial Lodge #46 is comprised of over 350 active and retired members of the Pennsylvania State Police who live and work primarily in Wayne, Pike, Lackawanna and Susquehanna counties.

Gald to see Lisa can go to the police, promise them the sun and the moon, and get an endorsement. How many police did you hire, Lisa? How much equipment did you buy for police, Lisa? Maybe if you ever had a real decision making role, instead of being a pencil-pushing, glad handing lacky, you'd understand the complexities of how a police force actually works. So keep running around the district promising and glad handing. People see right through that. I can even see the strings from the puppeteer.
When will police cars be required to have Lisa Baker bumper stickers?
As soon as Lemmond and Ridge decree it so.
Looks like someone else needs to sharpen his pencil, or at least learn how to operate a calculator:

Did you miss this Norton?

Mayor alters earlier statements about 140 dealers being taken off street
Haggerty cuts drug arrest totals
KINGSTON – In a contentious tug-of-war with the Times Leader about the release of municipal crime statistics, Kingston Mayor James Haggerty in a statement Thursday said the Kingston Police Department in the past eight months took 140 drug dealers off the street.

Pressed Friday for details of the arrests, the mayor backtracked from the statement and clarified it by saying:

• Those arrested were not all accused of dealing drugs; some possessed drugs

• The arrests didn’t all happen in Kingston

• There were actually 110 arrests, not 140
Can anyone tell me how to get some Baker stickers for my cars here in Springfield?
To Wiggum. Stop by my office, it's just to the right of Lisa's in Dallas Shopping Center. My staff can give you some. If they're not there, they'll be in Lisa Office.
That woman is pure fucking evil. She has no business whatsoever as a lawmaker. Her and her fat-assed husband are the biggest joke going. Neither have ever had original thoughts. Just conduits for Pat Solano and the Sordoni/Flack coalition to have their way with the taxpayers.
After I picked up my bumper sticker from Charlie's office, I affixed it on my squad car. I said to Lou, this is one nice sticker. Let's endorse Lisa B.
Hazzard County Sheriff's Department Backs Baker

Boss Hogg, of Hazzard County, not to be confused with Boss Carroll of Luzerne County, has decided to endorse Lisa Baker. Enos was unavailable for comment, but Cletus said, "We chose Lisa Baker because she's smart, she's intelligient, and her husband's knickname is "Flash" just like Roscoe's hound."

Baker will be honored at a $100 per person Chicken Dinner/Pig Calling contest at the Boar's Nest. Cooter and those Duke Boys are not invited.
Speaking of Police...did Haggerty pose for his photo in front of the police cars at a crime scene? Did he use his power as mayor to frame them in a political ad? Or, was it something else entirely?
It was definitely something else...zoom, zoom
I saw Lisa Baker trip an old lady this morning...then she kicked a puppy. Also, her husband is a tool who makes way too much money for not doing any work. Then again, who cares, it's only tax dollars!
It's a shame that the race can't be won on endorsements alone. You actually have to have some experience and I am not talking about a summer camp at Harvard paid for by the taxpayers to use to fluff up a resume.
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