Friday, April 07, 2006


Madeira Goes After Haggerty on Med Mal and Baker on Abortion

Madeira has made an issue out of Baker's position on abortion and Haggerty's position on medical malpractice lawsuits. Below are two press releases --- in their entirety of course --- from the Madeira camp.

James Haggerty in Favor of Forcing Doctors Out of Pennsylvania

(Dallas, Pennsylvania) Medical Liability Insurance is out of control and even worse James Haggerty approves of measures that will force Pennsylvania’s doctors to leave the state. David Madeira, candidate for 20th District State Senator and a Chiropractor in Dallas, believes the only true way to get this crisis under control is to have tort reform and enforce caps on the non-economic damages, also known as “pain and suffering” damages, awarded.
It seems that James Haggerty, a lawyer, will not adopt “pain and suffering” caps, they are, what he calls, “Draconian measures.” Not adopting caps is like giving Pennsylvania’s juries a virtual “blank check” to write to the victim.
Here are the facts- Pennsylvania’s medical liability insurance has skyrocketed nearly 1400% in only 15 years according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. The Lincoln Institute reports that 60% of Pennsylvania’s doctors are considering leaving the State! The State of California adopted “pain and suffering” caps in 1975 and it has resulted in lower premiums, lower liability claim payments and speedier victim compensation. California’s premiums have grown just 282% while the nation has seen growth of 920%! In January, George W. Bush publicly stated he favors caps on “pain and suffering” damages and blamed the “broken legal system” for the rising insurance costs.
According to the Physician Insurers Association of America, 75% of medical liability cases are closed with no payment to the plaintiff, yet doctors are forced to pay an average of $94,000 in trial and lawyer fees. That is why Madeira is in favor of “loser pays” provisions in adopting tort reform.
Madeira announced his candidacy for 20th District State Senator in September 2005. Since then, he has advocated “Meet the Candidate” nights in which voters are invited to come out and hear the candidate’s stance on issues. David Madeira owns his own practice in Dallas, Pennsylvania where he lives with his wife and their five children. Madeira is the President of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Educational and Charitable Foundation.

Madeira not surprised, Baker aligns with Pro-abortion advocates

(Dallas, Pennsylvania) The conservative Republican candidate for the State Senate, David Madeira, says he is not surprised. "The recent endorsement of Lisa Baker by Senator Charles Lemmond and Tom Ridge comes as no surprise. Minority Pro-abortion Republicans tend to stick together." Madeira said. Lemmond and Ridge are known to be pro-abortion advocates. "Next we might hear about her former boss, Senator Jubilier backing her as well."
Lisa Baker, aligning herself with pro-abortion advocates, has also had a hand in taking away gun rights for Pennsylvanians. It has been reported that she assisted in the removal of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Game Commissioner as well as blocking a proposed shooting range on state gamelands in Luzerne County.
"What are her issues? What does she stand for?" Madeira asked. "I put real details about what I stand for on the issues that matter to conservative Republicans up on my website last October." Madeira recently attended a Pro-Gun rally sponsored by Gun Owners Against Crime. The group welcomed Larry Pratt, President of the Gun Owners Association of America, as a featured speaker.
Madeira announced is candidacy for State Senator in September 2005. Since then he has been active in arranging "Meet the Candidate" nights for the voters in the 20th Senate District. Madeira advocates the importance of constituents getting to know who they are voting for and more importantly knowing what the candidates stand for. Thursday, March 30th he will be speaking at a fundraiser about the need for serious Medical Malpractice Reform at the Apple Tree Terrace. More information is available on his website,

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