Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Madeira Logs On

20th Senatorial is pleased to have a response for Dr. David Madeira to our request for information.

Madeira expresses his concerns about the issues and the Times Leader's inability to see the irony in editorializing the evils of negative campaigning, then continually printing negative articles on the front page. Here is the gist of a letter he sent to the Times Leader editor.

Dear Times Leader,

I read with some interest the TL editorial criticizing the candidates for attacking each other today. While I agree with it in principle, only the Times Leader can make it a reality.
I called Jean LaCoe this morning and told her that I found it ironic that the only story you ran about the race today was negative. It was front page, above the fold and gave both candidates names in big, bold type. Now I’m not an experienced politician, but as a businessman, I know that is worth a lot of money to both candidates to get their names printed that large on the front page, no matter what the story.

And yesterday you did a negative story on Brian Grove and where his money comes from. My comment on this story given you by phone Monday evening at 7:30 PM was something like “I’m far less concerned with who is on Lisa Baker’s campaign staff or how they are paid than I am with where she stands, or doesn’t stand, on the issues. She is unwilling to take a clear position on abortion and many other issues. Voters have a right to know where she stands.”

My “issue-oriented” comment did not get reported. In fact, I can’t remember any story your paper has done that was really “issue-oriented”. I may have missed it because I am pretty busy these days, what with running for office and trying to get my issues out.

Since I started my campaign last October, I have been putting out “issue-oriented” press releases – many of them are available on my website (Madeiraforsenate) When you call for a comment on a story you are writing, I always try to give you an “issue-oriented” comment and you have yet to include my comments. Instead you go with the “attack” comments by other candidates. This trains candidates to attack each other to get coverage. You have created the very monster you are criticizing.

I understand that you are in the business of selling papers and that a fight sells better than a summit. But maybe if your news department listens to your editorial department we can get some real coverage of issues instead of “He said. She said.” That is what the voters deserve in this race, a really historic opportunity for voters to actually choose a candidate.
I would like to meet with your staff and discuss in detail issues that are important to the voters in the district. I have done this with the papers in the rest of the district and they have been willing to report extended comments so that voters can actually know what I think, not be snowed in by carefully crafted soundbites and TV commercials or snowed under by personal attacks.

I have been “keeping it clean” - will you join me?

For Better Government,
David Madeira
“Clean” Republican Candidate for PA State Senate (20th District)

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