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Madeira Post Debate Press Release

I have decided to not edit any candidate press releases, so they will be printed in their entirety as they are received from the campaigns. This is a service you will not get from the regular media. With that in mind, here's Madeira's post debate (March 29, 2006 College Misericordia) press release.

Media Release

From: David Madeira for Senate

April 05, 2006

Madeira Dynamic amongst “Canned” Politicians

(Dallas, Pennsylvania) David Madeira, the conservative candidate for 20th District State Senator, was dynamic among the other candidates spouting rhetoric at last week’ candidate debate hosted by the Wilkes-Barre chapter of the League of Women Voters. Madeira had real answers to the real issues addressed in the debate.
The moderator asked the candidates questions dealing with important issues to Pennsylvanians. Notably, the moderator asked about the candidate’s position on gambling. Most of the candidates agreed that gambling is here to stay and that it will be a good way to control taxes, but Madeira went against the group saying that the new gambling act should be “repealed.” “We can’t wish it away, but we can work it away. Who would have believed we could repeal the pay raise?” Madeira believes that money should not be gained for education by allowing gambling.
Madeira proved his true conservative position when the moderator asked about the candidates’ position on the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act. Madeira is the pro-life candidate and feels that abortion should be outlawed while James Haggerty agreed with the status quo allowing abortions.
Property taxes were another hot issue that the candidates dealt with. Madeira feels that property taxes should be completely eliminated. In its place he wants to see controlled school spending through competition and a low, broad sales tax that shares the burden of education equally.
Other issues debated were drug control and the healthcare crisis. The public forum was held at College Misericordia.
Madeira, who is endorsed by fellow conservative Republican and former congressman Pat Toomey, is active in setting up debates and “Meet the Candidate” nights. “It is the only way that voters can really hear the candidates on the issues,” Madeira says of the debates. Madeira is the owner of the Better Health Center in Dallas, where he lives with his wife and their five children

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