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Madeira Press Release on Jessica's Law

The Madeira Press Release on Jessica's Law -- Printed in its entirety

Media Release

From: David Madeira For Senate

April 5, 2006

Madeira Supports Strengthening Jessica’s Law

(Dallas, Pennsylvania) The Senate Judiciary Committee voted today to allow legislation to be voted on by the Senate that is entitled Pennsylvania’s Jessica’s Law. State Senators Jane Orie (R-Allegheny) and John C. Rafferty, Jr. (R-Berks) sponsored the bill that was overwhelmingly supported by the Senate Judiciary Committee. SB 944, Pennsylvania’s Jessica’s Law, will impose stricter minimum sentences for convicted Rapists than the original bill signed April 9, 2005 by Governor Jeb Bush of Florida.

David Madeira, candidate for 20th District State Senator, supports what Senators Orie and Rafferty are doing to help protect women and children. Madeira said, “As a husband and a father, I understand the importance of protecting women and there is no room for mercy when a child’s safety is at stake. Predators need to be taken off the street to protect our children.”

Senate Bill 944, if passed, will impose a mandatory minimum of 25-50 years imprisonment for a first-time offender convicted of rape involving a child less than 13 years of age. It also imposes a minimum sentence of 50 years to life imprisonment for anyone convicted of rape involving a child which results in serious bodily injury. The bill contains additional penalties for anyone convicted of knowingly harboring or aiding a sex offender who has failed to register under the requirements of Megan's Law.

Other important provisions of the bill will aid in monitoring the whereabouts of sexual predators and prohibit their presence near daycares, schools, and other facilities where children traditionally congregate. Sexually violent predators will be required to wear a GPS transceiver upon their release from prison in order for authorities to effectively monitor their movements at all times.
David Madeira is the conservative candidate for the 20th District State Senate seat, strongly advocating pro-family legislation such as Jessica’s law. Madeira was recently endorsed by fellow conservative republican and former Congressman Pat Toomey who now is the President of the influential Club for Growth in Washington D.C. Madeira currently lives in Dallas with his wife and their five young children.

Hypothetically speaking, the SOB that might rape Madeira's 12 year old goes to jail for 25 to 50 years, but if she gets pregnant, given his pro-life at any cost attitude, he'll soon be a grandfather. Cigar anyone?
Interesting point. I'll ask Madeira for a comment
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