Thursday, April 06, 2006


PACleansweep Does Do Endorsements

When is a duck not a duck? Apparently an approval by PACleansweep is not an endorsement. In a letter to the Citizens Voice, Mike Bergmaier of PACleansweep says its group does not endorse. "endorsement smacks of a political party or issue group instructing candidates to select a specific candidate." "We support candidacies..." Bergmaier explains this subtle difference in his letter below.

There are several misleading statements in the April 3 article, "PACleanSweep makes endorsements" in The Citizens Voice. First, PACleanSweep does not "endorse" candidates. While this may seem like a semantic difference, it is quite significant. We support candidacies and try to put our subscribers and volunteers in touch with worthy campaigns seeking our support. But an "endorsement" smacks of a political party or issue group instructing voters to select a specific candidate.

In many districts we are supporting multiple candidates. In some districts, we are supporting multiple candidates in the same party. Second, the subhead stated we were "sweeping others under the rug." Nothing could be further from the truth.

We have had some organizational difficulties in the past few weeks. Our founder, Russ Diamond, indicated he would be running for governor. After some disagreements with the board, he demanded that everyone resign. Half the board refused, at which point he cut off their access to the group's contacts and communication systems. As such, we are struggling to communicate with candidates who are reaching out to us, like Mr. Nichols. We just heard from Mr. Nichols a few days ago and are trying to go through the vetting process with him. Our organization's disagreements reached such a level that those board members who didn't resign eventually voted to remove Diamond as chair. As of March 18, Diamond was relieved of his post. Michelle Diehl is the legal chair of PACleanSweep. Since that time, Diamond has quixotically represented himself as the chair of this organization, and those who seek to contact PACleanSweep through the Web site end up reaching him. We have no idea what he has said to Mr. Nichols, but I can assure you that he hasn't been "swept under the rug" and may still receive our support.

Mike Bergmaier
Strategic Director
PACleanSweep, Inc.

There's a little misleading typo in your intro paragraph there. :)
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