Sunday, April 30, 2006


Pennsylvania Eagle Forum Endorses Madeira

Pennsylvania Chapter of Conservative Phyllis Schlafly Group Weighs In

The Pennsylvania Eagle Forum has endorsed Madeira in the 20th. Eagle Forum was a group founded by longtime nationally know Conservative Phyllis Schlafly. The group is primarily a pro life organization. For more on Eagle Forum click here.

We received the following Press Release from Madeira. It is posted below in its entirety.

Madeira for Senate Letter of Endorsement

On behalf of Pennsylvania Eagle Forum and my board of directors, I am proud to endorse David Madeira for Senate. David Madeira has strong pro-family values and citizen-leadership consistent with those of Eagle Forum.

Pennsylvania Eagle Forum strongly believes that David Madeira is a candidate worthy of our endorsement and will represent his district as an independent voice for sound government.

David Madeira’s real-world experience and strong proven leadership in his community and professional life are attributes that enhance his qualifications to serve as Senator.

Eagle Forum admires those with young families like David Madeira who are willing to take up the banner of defending the values they firmly believe in order to make our communities, state and country safe and secure for liberty to thrive.

Pennsylvania Eagle Forum urges you to vote for David Madeira, we believe he will prove to be a capable leader and independent voice for his constituency as well as Pennsylvania.


Fran Bevan
Pennsylvania Eagle Forum

Pennsylvania Bald Eagle Forum to Endorse Candidate

Dr. Howard Mandell of the PBEF has announced his intention to endorse a candidate for the highly contested District 20 Senate race.

Mandell stated he is looking for someone who best represents his group.
PBEF Gives Endorsement

In a press conference held earlier today, Dr. Howard Mandell (after speaking to all of the candidates except four of them) has given his nod to Lisa Baker as his choice for state senator. "I chose Lisa because she is smart...intelligient...and gosh darn it, people like"

An official endorsement will come later this week. Tickets will be $25 and can be picked up at PBEF headquarters.
Deal,or No Deal?
I would have thought The Bald Eagle Forum would have endorsed David Madeira, seeing as he's the only candidate that actually is bald!
looks like the PBEF has the same criteria as all the other groups that endorsed her. Do any endorsements matter or make sense?
Glad to see Madeira got another endorsement other than Toomey.
Glad to see Madeira got another endorsement other than Toomey.
Which one are you refering to? Pike County Commissioner Urban, Luzerne County Commissioner Caridi, Errol Flynn, the Builders and Contractors, Concerned Women For America, Firearm Owners Against Crime...
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