Thursday, April 06, 2006


Rinehimer Endorses Baker

117th District (Hasay's district) GOP chair has endorsed Baker. In a continuing series of "insider" endorsements, Baker has received the endorsement of longtime Republican activist Clayton Rinehimer.
According to the Citizens Voice, Rinehimer stated: "Lisa Baker has been a faithful committeewoman from Lehman Township, and I have appreciated her dedication to me and the Republican Party. Lisa has been a personal friend of mine for nearly twenty years..."

Who cares?

More insider endorsements for the ultimate insider.
Didn't you hear? The Republican party has a big tent...come out of the rain and come inside with the rest of us.

I went to Baker's fundraiser last month with Gov. Ridge (thank you Jim Haggerty and the TL for letting me know about it). There had to be almost 500 people there - sure there were some wealthy people there, doctors, lawyers and the like, plus the movers and shakers of local politics. But I also recognized school teachers (shhh...don't tell PSEA), farmers, small business owners, volunteer firemen, even a Haggerty hack!
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