Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The Soviet Union Lives (The Reprise)

We were originally going to do this as a comment, but decided to blog on it. Free speech issues really hit home with us Bloggers. We received a comment that said "Anyone has a right to put a sign in their yard but need a permit to put them on public land" This is just NOT correct.

We had Buzz the Intern hit the books. According to PELD, there is no distinction between public and private land when it has to do with "restraint of free speech." Think about it, if each of the 120 or so communities required a $50.00 permit fee, that would require each candidate to post $6,000.00. That wouldn't be a problem for Baker or Haggerty, but what about a candidate with lesser means. When you start charging for free speech, it's no longer free.

*W. Mark Felt did not contribute to this post nor did he provide any verification of information. He did, however, point us to the site where we found that really cool picture of Yuri Andopov.

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