Monday, April 10, 2006


The Soviet Union Lives

Welcome to Damascus, Wayne County, Pennsylvania

For those of you who thought the Soviet Union died a semi-peaceful death in the early 1990s, you are mistaken. The USSR is back in Damascus Township. Apparently placing a political sign in your own front yard requires a permit. If you don't have one, KGB officer Ed Lagarenne, the Yuri Andropov of Wayne County, will tear it down and then cite you for believing we live in a free country.

Haggerty has shared with 20thsenatorial an e-mail he received from the alleged zoning officer of Damascus Township. It is printed verbatim, below:

To Mr. Jim Haggerty: Be advised that ANY political signs placed inDamascus Township, Wayne County MUST have sign permits BEFORE placement.This is the responsibilty of the candidate whose name appears on thesign. There are Haggerty signs in Damascus without permits. You mustcotact the Damascus Township Municipal Building no later than 12:00 Noonon Monday, April 10, 2006 by telephone at 570-224-4410 and speak toZoning Officer Ed Lagarenne to obtain the permits, or the propertyowners upon which the signs are place will be cited for zoningviolations. Further, the Townhip will cite the candidate for the zoningviolations. Ed
LagarenneZoning OfficerCode Enforcement OfficerDamascusTownshipWayne County

We sent Buzz the Intern out to the VW Microbus to grab our copy of Pennsylvania Election Law for Dummies (PELD). Apparently, the Yuri Andropov of Wayne County was unfamiliar with a citizen's right to express his or her political beliefs. In a seldom used section of PELD, (Seldom used, because we thought most people heard of that 1st Amendment thing,) Buzz found a gaggle of Pennsylvania and Federal cases that say you can't restrict a citizen's right to put up a political sign in his or her yard.

We'll send Yuri a copy of the Constitution and some press clippings about the fall of the Soviet Union, after all, it's the least we can do for our comrade.

Anyone has a right to put a sign in their yard but need a permit to put them on public land
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