Wednesday, April 05, 2006


State Legislators get 29% Approval Rating

The latest Quinnipiac University polls has some disturbing numbers on approval rating of the State legislature. The numbers have legislatures wishing they could have approval numbers as high as President Bush. The poll released April 5, 2006, shows that only 29 percent approve of the job the legislature is doing. 55 percent disapprove, and 16 percent have no opinion. The NEPA numbers are a little higher --- 34 approve, 46 disapprove, 20 don't know.

The numbers are not good news for incumbents and may affect those who have the support of an incumbent, i.e. Lisa Baker, pictured to the right.

The poll also showed Gov. Rendell leading Lynn Swann 47-37 percent, including a Rendell lead of 74-12 among black registered voters. The poll results press release is available at Progressive PA Politics at this link. Quinnipiac Poll.

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