Friday, April 14, 2006


Sutton Addresses Farm Bureau

Sutton Pushes for Ethanol Production

We received the following Press Release from Sutton. We will print it verbatim, despite the fact that the State Police have said blogs are illegal per a repealed 1856 law.

"Carl Sutton recently addressed the Susquehanna County Farm Bureau at a dinner honoring Bill Bayne. Sutton spoke of creating incentives to bring the ethanol industry to Pennsylvania. He noted the need for farmers and private citizens to enter co-ops, thereby keeping ethanol plants owned and operated by Pennsylvanians. With gas prices approaching $3.00, Sutton is making this a top priority in his campaign.

He also spoke about mandating agriculture education in public schools. Sutton would like Future Farmers of America programs reinstated in schools where it no longer exists. He also would like to require schools to give FFA students the option of taking academic courses to help prepare them for college. "This will help them learn new techniques and methods. Farming isn't the same as it was 50 years ago."

Another issue Sutton took up was removing soda machines from schools. He believes these need to be replaced with milk and yogurt drink machines which will promote a healthier alternative as well as support the dairy industry.

Sutton's ideas seem to be in line with the needs of rural and agricultural areas in District 20. Other candidates were also in attendance."

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