Saturday, April 15, 2006


Times Leader Endorsement Update

Times Leader continues to meet with candidates for endorsement.

The Times Leader editorial Board is continuing to meet with the Republican candidates for the 20th Senatorial District. The editorial board, pictured to the left, is asking the tough questions of the candidates. We are not privy to the questions, but the Times Leader allegedly posts audio clips. We can't find them on the site, and we don't think the Leader will post the entire interview. So with that in mind, we will post the Top Ten Questions asked by the Times Leader editorial Board.

Top Ten Questions Asked by the Times Leader Editorial Board:

10. Will we be able to collect unemployment benefits after Knight-Ridder sells us and a new company shuts us down?

9. Will you sign our anti-nepotism pledge where you won't get jobs for unqualified relatives and instead follow our policy here at the Times Leader, where we just hire the unqualified?

8. Are you in favor of taxing all foreigners living abroad?

7. Do you think because Lisa Baker is the only chick in the race that she'll get the women's vote?

6. Do you realize that these interviews are just a sham, and that we are going to endorse whatever candidate we want regardless of your answers?

5. Where exactly is the 20th Senatorial District?

4. Isn't Haggerty an idiot for not listening to us on this police blotter thing?

3. Aren't we the smartest bunch of people you've seen in a room in a long time?

2. Who is Charlie Lemmond, and where have we heard that name before?

1. Who the hell is Norton the Blogger and where does he live?

*W Mark Felt did verify some of the information in this post.

Which one is Dave Iseman?
Thanks for a good laugh! What a great way to start the morning!
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