Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Times Leader has the pot calling the kettle black

In a curious editorial, the Times Leader said the candidates should focus on the issues in the 20th District, despite continually printing articles in the 20th Senatorial race and others which don't focus on the issues.

From the crack editorial staff at the Times Leader, we get this editorial:

Candidates for state Senate seat should focus on issues

THE RACE FOR state Sen. Charles Lemmond’s soon-to-be-vacated seat seems to be already getting down and dirty.
In Tuesday’s edition, candidate Jim Haggerty slammed fellow candidate Lisa Baker for using a campaign manager, Brian Grove, who also works as a $4,000-per-month consultant for Back Mountain Recreation Inc. The nonprofit organization wants to establish parks in the Back Mountain.
Haggerty says that Grove’s consultant work shows how government insiders can work on campaigns and use political connections to get high-paying jobs.
“It’s just another indication that the Baker campaign is a web of insiders all with Harrisburg connections,” said Haggerty, who is the mayor of Kingston.
Last week, we reported that a 4-feet-by-8-feet sign for Russ Bigus, another candidate, was torched along Route 118. Baker’s camp has lost more than 50 signs to theft.
And in today’s edition, candidate Russ Bigus said he’s upset about a flier on hunting issues distributed by Baker, calling it misleading and underhanded.
We urge those running for the 20th District Senate seat to settle down, cease and desist their petty bickering, and focus on the issues. We’re not interested in undoing what can’t be undone. We just want to hear what candidates will accomplish if elected.
Voters can do their part to keep the campaigns on track by attending debates and meet-the-candidates functions and urging candidates to discuss their goals, rather than other candidates’ shortcomings.
We have more than a month to go until the primary election.
Let’s keep it clean

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