Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Toomey to "Formally" Endorse Madeira

Event Planned for May 1, 2006

The Madeira campaign has announced that runner up to Arlen Specter and former Congressman Pat Toomey will "formally" endorse Madeira at a rally at Ehrhardt's Waterfront Restaurant, Route 507, Hawley, Pennsylvania. The charge for the event is $25.00. Details and Directions can be obtained at 570.675.2887.

In a mailer to Republican voters, the Madeira campaign shows a letter from Pat Toomey to Madeira. Toomey says: "I see you as the only true conservative candidate for the 20th District Senate seat."

Did Toomey speak to all of the candidates or is this another worthless endorsement like Lemmond's, Ridge's, Etc.?
Madeira uses the word Toomey like a smurf uses the word smurfy. Have a Toomey-rific day.
yes yes we knew this a few weeks ago = I'm a little tired of it all - can't you find someone else to give ya a little som'in
Isn't Toomey getting a little tired too this has been going on almost a month now
Harrisburg needs to be put on a healthy diet. There is no better candidate. I'm glad Pat's giving him the nod. He has real world experience unlike the other people.
Does anyone really remember Pat Toomey? Does anyone care?
Madeira's real world experience???

Making babies and quackery.

Oh, yeah, and he went to Bob Jones University.

I'm sold. Hahaha.
But he's endorsed by Pat Toomey...and Errol Flynn....and John Scott, the great ex-senator from New Jersey. Why is anyone else even running against him? Maybe we should have annointed him for the job, just like his brother was annointed for his current elected position.
Madeira will be formally endorsed by Gary Baker.
Who is Gary Baker? Do you mean Gary Bauer?
No, I think he meant Gary the Baker.
thanks for posting the picture of Pat Toomey. I received my official request for $25 in the mail and couldn't tell from the picture who was Toomey and who was Madeira, especially since Madeira's name is on Toomey's gut.

Now that Arlen Specter...he's someone I can remember.
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