Friday, April 14, 2006


Trooper Martin Connors -- The Yuri Andropov of the Week

PSP take Down Political Signs -- Threaten Legal Action

Since the First Amendment guarantees of Free Speech seems to be news to some, 20thsenatorial is going to be conferring the Yuri Andopov of the Week award. The first winner is Trooper Martin Connors of the Pennsylvania State Police. Connors said he was just following orders. Where have we heard that excuse before?

The Citizens Voice and the Times Leader ran stories on the sign theft. "Just as you wouldn't put them in someone else's yard without permission, you shouldn't put them on PennDOT's property. It's illegal." Wake up Marty!!! PennDOT does not own the highways and PennDOT is not an individual. The highways and byways of this Commonwealth belong to the people, not to PennDOT or the State Police.

We'd be much better off if the Martin Connors of this Commonwealth took a little time to read the constitution and protecting our neighborhoods. Instead, he is protecting us from political signs. To our knowledge, and Buzz the Intern looked it up, no one has been killed or injured by a political sign since the Truman administration. For this, Marty, you are the Yuri Andropov of the Week.

Marty will receive a one year subscription to Pravda, a six month supply of borscht, a first edition of Mao's Little Red Book, and an autographed photo of Josef Stalin.

Way to go, Norton. You've got some big kahunas. When big brother attacks, I'm glad we have you on our side.
you tell it like it is
Satire. You should be writing for Saturday Night Live. keep up the great work.
Give 'em hell, Norton. These guys are bullies. Don't let them get away with it!
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