Sunday, April 30, 2006


Vote For Candidates You Don't Know

Schizophrenic Wilkes-Barre Daily Instructs Us On Casting Our Votes

Hard to believe, but we got it wrong again. After believing that a well informed voter is the bedrock of upon which our government sits, the Times Leader has shown us the error of our ways. We thought we were providing a service to the voters of the 20th Senatorial District by letting you know who the candidates are, what they stand for, and calling them on statements that we thought were political double talk. Apparently that's not how you do it.

From the people who brought you, multiple endorsements in the same race, gutlessness in the defense of First Amendment rights, and raised the frivolous law suit to a new level, they have now told us (and we're not kidding) "Don't vote for a candidate because you know him or her." Let's repeat that. "Don't vote for a candidate because you know him or her." They actually printed that in their lead editorial on Friday. Dave Iseman, pictured above, must be thinking overtime.

So when you go to the polls on May 16, 2006, don't bother reading any campaign literature, don't watch any of the television ads, and certainly don't read the voters' guide. Just do like the Times Leader says: Vote for someone you don't know. Ignorance has done a lot for the Times Leader, maybe it can do the same for you.

I think Dave Iseman should run. He would make a great candidate.
Here's an idea for voting for an unknown candidate. Why not start a write-in campaign for NORTON the blogger. He seems to have plenty of time on his hands and might be able to get things in Harrisburg done. Oh, nevermind I forgot he is a Democratic who sometimes like to pretend he is Republican.
I think Molly Phillips should run. I really enjoyed her Anyone But Haggerty sign on the cross valley. I am sure she has a few more she put together since she has nothing else better to do. Anyone who knows her knows that she has no friends.
I thought Ridge was running and was a sure winner.
lisa said she'll take care of tom when she wins. ridge can use some type of work since he "stepped down" from his homeland security post.
Thats what we need, one more candidate in the race! I think we have plenty to choose from now, and at least one has what it takes, David Madeira. I heard him last night in Pike county and was very impressed (and I am not easily impressed). He was articulate and exciting. I think he has the energy and know how to get things done in Harrisburg.
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