Thursday, April 13, 2006


Watch for Your Favorite Candidate on TV

Who's on, who's not, who will be soon, & who you won't see

One of the favorite pastimes of the 20thsenatorial staff, besides watching the WNBA is watching for the television commercials of our favorite candidates. We asked the candidates to tell us what their TV plans are, but apparently that info is not readily available. So we turned to Plan B.

We've had Buzz the Intern glued to his easy chair combing the airwaves for commercials. So far, he's only seen Haggerty. One of the Haggerty commercials is available at his website. Haggerty commercial.

Madeira has what appears to be a Toomey endorsement commercial waiting in the wings, and Baker is allegedly hitting the airwaves next week. The Madeira commercial is linked here. Madeira commercial.

We have no indication that Bigus, Sutton, or McNamara are going to venture into television, so if you want to see them, get to an event. If you see them on the air, let us know.

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