Thursday, April 20, 2006


Where Do The Candidates Stand?

Multi-Part Series Begins Tomorrow

20thsenatorial will begin a multi-part series based on the answered we received from the candidates to our questionnaire. Most of the candidates have been working hard, but some haven't finished their homework assignment. They know who they are. So get your answers in if you haven't already done so.

Since this series will be mainly cutting and pasting the candidates answers, I have entrusted this job to Buzz the Intern. Buzz has been studying hid Blogging for Dummies book for the past few days, and he assures me he will be ready. Unfortunately, where I'm going there are no computers, so it's possible when I return, the blog will be shut down, the VW Microbus will be totaled in a ditch in Northern Wayne County, and I'll be scrounging up bail money to get the old Buzzer out of the Pike County jail.

I think you're making a big mistake letting Buzz handle the blog. Isn't Mark Felt available?
I think Buzz is the best!!!!!!!!
Not fair Lisa! Buzz is all mine!
I think Norton needs to get a life. I stumbled upon this blog by accident and it leads me to belive the blogger is lonely, divorced and pathetic.
Why don't you stumble back into the hole from which you crawled out.
Having a passion about politics - especially local politics - I would argue is a good thing and a worthy pursuit. "Stumbling upon blogs" by "accident" while presumably trolling the net appears to me to be the act a lonely pathetic soul.
Thank you S. Dogood. We'll be sending you a 20thsenatorial commemorative coffee mug shortly.
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