Wednesday, April 12, 2006


A Word on Endorsements

Do Endorsements Really Mean Anything?

I guess we opened up the door when we questioned the Lemmond endorsement selection process. We do not expect every group to sit down with each of the candidates and discuss issues before they endorse. (The Times Leader will, but then again they endorsed Haggerty the day after he announced. So I guess they'll be doing another endorsement. It's par for the course, we always thought they were a bit schizophrenic.)

A comment we received on the Lemmond endorsement said it best, so we'll reprint it here: Sen. Lemmond can certainly announce his preference for one candidate without the necessity of speaking to or “probing” all. After all, the average voter certainly does not speak to all candidates before voicing their preference in the voting booth. Unfortunately, Sen. Lemmond is not the average voter, he’s the sitting office holder, and I think “as a matter of basic fairness,” he probably should have, at a minimum, spoken to the other candidates before anointing his successor. As it is, his words come across as disingenuous.

We will continue to print candidate endorsements, but take them for what they're worth. You can continue to post the "Did they sit down will all the candidate?" comments, but we'll take those comments for what they're worth, also.

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