Monday, May 01, 2006


Another Baker Endorsement

Building Industry Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania Endorses Baker

We received the following press release for the Baker camp. It is posted in its entirety.

DALLAS – The Baker for Senate Campaign is pleased to announce that Lisa Baker has received the endorsement of the Building Industry Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania (BIA-NEPA).

BIA-NEPA represents 416 member businesses (associate and builder members) in Luzerne and surrounding counties.

Enough is enough. If this isn't a Sordoni fix, I don't know what is. Who are these people who think that they can just choose our next senator for us. You know this is a democracy, Sordoni, Flack, Solano, Lemmond. Stop choosing for us. You put Lemmond in there in a special election. I guess that scam didn't work this time.
Who's Sordoni? I thought I was Lisa's favorite builder. Oh well, I can't resist a gal who works construction in a skirt and heels. Is that the house she's building for Brian Grove?
I have personally been working with Lisa on designing the wall to keep people from crossing our border. We're putting in a clubhouse where Gary can play and watch the Mexicans from the Southern window. This will be a paid position for Gary.
rumor has it that baker's next endorsement will be from al bundy and his "no maam" organization.
sorry they didn't endorse your candidate are you?
A "no ma'am organizaton?" That's more Madeira's style.
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