Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Another Week, Another Lawsuit Against Haggerty

Blue Cross Ad Agency Sues Haggerty a Week Before the Election (20thsenatorial Exclusive)

The advertising agency that won a Gold Medal at the 2005 Addy Awards for a Blue Cross of NEPA ad has sued Haggerty for $17,000.00. (The Addy Awards are given annually by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Ad Club.) The Citizens Voice reports today that the Scranton based ad agency Lavelle Murray has filed a lawsuit alleging Haggerty stiffed them on a $17,000.00 bill for services. To read the article in full see Blue Cross Ad Agency Sues Haggerty. (For those of you who need a refresher course, Lisa Baker once worked for a subsidiary of Blue Cross, and still has substantial ties to the not for profit group.)

Haggerty says that Lavelle Murray never contracted with him for work on the Senate campaign, but Lavelle Murray submitted a proposal, which was rejected by the Haggerty campaign. The proposal called for a $430,000.00 budget, which Haggerty deemed excessive.

20thsenatorial has received a copy of the one page proposal, which has prompted Buzz the Intern to call to see if Lavelle Murray is hiring. Buzz said, "If I can get $17,000.00 for putting together a one page exorbitent advertising proposal, I'd rather work there than for some two bit blogger who thinks the WNBA is the greatest thing since sliced bread."

Haggerty's Mayoral campaign committee had hired Lavelle Murray to handle its advertising for Haggerty's successful 2005 re-election campaign. Haggerty said, "This lawsuit will be laughed out of court. Lavelle Murray's business practice of trying to charge us for a rejected proposal is blatantly unreasonable." He added that the suit was filed a week before the primary election for the sole purpose of embarrassing him. "Does it coincide with an election? Yes," Cullen, Lavelle Murray's attorney said. "That's when candidates are asking voters to trust them and give them their vote. Timing is essential with this."

Irish politicians are doing what they do best... fight! Especially among themselves.
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