Thursday, May 11, 2006


Back In The Saddle Again

Felt to Dust Off the FBI Duds to Get Financial Reports

Since we have been unable to access the Haggerty financial report on line, we have called W. Mark Felt back into action. W. is, as we speak, waiting for Haggerty to move the planter on his front porch to a specific location. That will tell W. where Haggerty will be dead dropping a copy of the campaign finance report.

Hopefully tomorrow morning, after W.'s nap, we will be fine tooth combing the financial report.

From what I can tell, it doesn't matter what anybody's report shows...Bigus will be the winner. He has so much support he could have run for governor instead of Swann...
are you drunk?
If you're not drunk, you need some serious help.
That person is beyond the state of intoxication. No liquor known to man could produce such an idiotic statement.
Anonymous are right on the money! Bigus has the people's votes. Baker has her cronies votes and Haggerty has the votes of the small amount in Kingston who aren't sick and tired of him. Check around...Bigus truly is the most supported candidate

Boy, will a non-politician like Bigus winning this wreak havoc within the machine, or what!!!!
Folks, let's get something straight. He might be the candidate for deer, but deer still don't have the right to vote.

Bigus finishes third at best.

Does he have a network of volunteers making phone calls to registered voters in every county? NO

Does he pay for automated taped phone messages to voters because he can't find enough volunteers? NO

Does he have a small faction of homeschool parents and students mobilized to pray for him? NO

One half-sized mailer only addressed to male voters won't cut it in this district.
Call MAdeira's campaign - they have a copy, and got it just like everyone else. They paid for a copy at the courthouse. You remember where that is don't you Norton?

It's where they issue PFAs.
Sometimes Dave tries to be funny, but again he's not.
Dave who?
To Anonymous 8:05am. We won't pay for a report when we can get it for free. And, we fyi, the Bureau of Elections is in the Penn Place Annex. PFAs are issued in the main building with the big dome. We checked.
Did you get it yet?
Bigus finishes 3rd at best? No way...check any polls if you have access to them. He finishes 1st.
As for the ridiculous taped messages, the only one who actually likes those is Haggerty...not the people who receive them.
Oh, and Bigus's mailers aren't addressed only to men...a woman in my family received hers...she lives alone and it was addressed to her.
so Norton, did you check with the Haggerty camp about where PFAs come from?
I think Norton checked with Lisa Baker about the PFA office, because she'll have know where it is on Wednesday morning after the ass kickin' she gonna get from Haggerty on Tuesday.
did you give him lessons Jason?
If the polls said ANYTHING favorable for the three loud mouths in the race it would be in the papers. The big spenders will be shocked when a grassroots door to door effort ruins their "investment".
Yeah, Bigus, Baker and Haggerty will really get their comeuppance, won't they?
Keep the nasty stuff up Russ, your old man would be proud of you.
A message to the jacka** talking about Bigus's father:

Grow up and have at least some morals and ethics. Don't bad-mouth anyone's family...not Bigus, not Haggerty, not Baker, not Madeira, not Sutton.
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