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Candidates Tell us When and Why

Four out of Six Give 20thsenatorial answers (20thsenatorial exclusive)

Last week, 20th Senatorial asked the candidates a simple question: When and why did you decide to run? We received answers from four of the candidates. They are posted in the order in which we received them. We speculated as to when the other two made up their minds to run.


In August of 2004, after two successful years as President of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association, the Association's legislative staff asked me when I was going to run for public office. I laughed it off until my wife gave me an elbow in the ribs and said "I think you should consider it. I would like to have you represent me in Harrisburg." As I watched the property tax debate stumble along and gambling legislation pass with no real hope for property tax relief and no real taxpayer controls on spending, I decided she was right. As an entrepreneur, I researched the feasibility and politics of the district and decided I could win running as who I am "a Reagan Conservative." In May of 2005 I formed a committee and began raising money and assembling my team, traveling throughout the district meeting people in preparation for my October 4th announcement.


As my wife tells the story it was on our second date. We been married 28 years. Actually, It was before Mr. Lemmond's last election. I felt that we need a change and as the next senator, I will be an aggressive and active lawmaker who will lead the fight to reform the legislative process in order to restore public faith in state government. Whether it be property tax relief, more efficiency in education or affordable health care and prescription drugs for our citizens, I think that our citizens need to have some one like me who will be open and accountable for my actions as our state senator.


I used to complain a lot about the politicians in our area, and then one day one of my co-workers said I should run for office. This happened sometime last year, I can't exactly pinpoint the date. When I saw that Lemmond was retiring after 20 years of service, I thought this would be a good opportunity to enter the public service realm.

Campaigning is a real enjoyable experience. I have fun attending events, sharing my ideas, and meeting new people. I have worn out a pair of shoes from walking around District 20. Although it's been a good exercise program, I also have been eating quite well at all the dinners and breakfasts.


I made my decision to run shortly after Senator Lemmond decided to retire.

The experience of being Mayor of the 20th District's largest community made me the best candidate for the job. Eight years of balancing budgets, handling hundreds of personnel matters, negotiating multi-year/mutli-million dollar labor contracts, and providing unparalleled municipal services, all while cutting taxes six times, I believe shows that I am uniquely qualified to be your next Senator.


Bigus did not respond, but we did find this on his website. "I promise you that I will put forth 100% effort to not only keep NEPA a great place to live, but to make it better than it has ever been. We have everything here and with some input and planning from a wide array of people like you, I think NEPA can be a model for other Pennsylvanian and American communities".

As far as when Bigus decided to run, if the registration of his web site (bigus4senate.com) is any indication, that was registered on December 22, 2005. We additionally note that "bigusforsenate" was registered earlier that day through Domains By Proxy, Inc. Domains By Proxy is a company that, for a fee, becomes the named owner of your website. They keep the real owner's name in confidence. They pledge "Your domain is registered in the name of Domains By Proxy -- so our contact information is made public -- not yours. " We have it on very good information that the private owner of that name is in the Baker camp.


Baker did not respond to our question. As far as why, we took this from her website. "The citizens of the 20th Senatorial District count on having a Senator who is honest and decent. They expect to have a Senator who will represent their interests with diligence, integrity and competency. These are values that I cherish, too, and they are values that I have worked hard to incorporate into my personal and professional life."

With regard to the when, we have determined that the timing of that is at least as far back as 2000, if not before. bakerforsenate.com was registered to Lisa Baker on March 31, 2000 through Register.com.

Just for the curious, here are the dates when the other candidates registered their websites (domain names.)

McNamara: April 6, 2006

Madeira: June 1, 2005

Sutton: January 17, 2006

Haggerty: September 25, 2005

Dave Madeira told me that this blog was covering the race. It is very good. Focuses on the issues and asks candidates for positions.

I met Dave at the 2005 Penna Leadership Conference and then again at 2006 Conference. Good grasp of principles and the Constitution.

He signed the Promise to Pennsylvania www.promisepa.com which is summary of principles for next legislature.

Spending must be brought under control. And laws must be passed in accordance to the Constitutional requirements which is blueprint to protect our fundamental rights.

Uhhh no. I uh, didn't know Charlie was retiring until everyone else. Seriously.
Guess what started out as a 20th blog has officially turned into an anti Lisa Baker one. (maybe you did get those polls).
Good reporting, Buzz and Norton. Hey anonymous, perhaps Buzz and Norton are discovering what we already know ---- Baker's whole campaign is a sham. There's an old saying: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I guess you'll let Lisa Baker and company keep on foolin' you.
It's not Lisa, it's the arrogance of the people around her.
those damn Republican elitists need to stop drinking the kool-aid.
Hey Jim - gotta stop calling all the republicans in Kingston and asking what you can do to change their vote from Baker... you should have thought about suring up your base a long time ago. how about you all the signs in the democrat lawns??? got anything to do with your friend Mundy?
Are you calling Baker's friends Sordoni, Flack, Pollock, Finlay, Mericle, Mattioli, Simms, and the other needy elitists? Everyone knows that these fine 'friends' only want good government and know what's best for all of us.
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