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The Emperor is Wearing No Clothes

Sutton Calls Him (or in this case Her) On It

We were duped. We were told that the Pike County Republican Women were holding a candidates' night. Okay, we bit. Sounded like a good idea. The only problem was that it wasn't a candidates' night. It was a Lisa Baker Lovefest. There were Baker signs throughout the room, including on the head table. Each place setting had a little bouquet of flowers, courtesy of Baker. Each setting also included a "gift" from Harry Forbes (who's forged in steel for Lisa Baker.)

Haggerty said,

"I felt like walking back out to my car, grabbing one of my signs, and pasting it on the lectern. At least that way, there'd be at least one other candidate's sign in the room. We (the other candidates) were told there would be a table for our campaign materials, nothing more. Everyone was expecting a level playing field, everyone except Baker, I guess. The problem is, with the exception of Baker, we (the other candidates) were never told we could place our signs in the room or anything else."

Madeira said:

I went up to Carl afterwards and told him I admired him for saying what needed to be said. It was unfortunate that he had to use up his time to point out the injustice then be chastised repeatedly from the podium afterwards.

I too challenged those present that the Republican Party is at a crossroads. I reminded them that President Reagan said the most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” I said that if we continue to elect Republicans who don’t support our platform, but vote for pay raises, pension increases and vote-buying giveaways, voters will reject us and we will lose our majority status.

Politics is about both relationships and ideas. I try to build relationships everywhere I go, but ideas are what good government is all about. Lisa has chosen to make her campaign about who she knows and who knows her and it is an effective strategy with the “in crowd”, but leaves most “average people” feeling left out. In fact, my supporters have experienced “shunning” for breaking ranks with party leadership, but they are with me because they like what I stand for.

I have only sought endorsements from those aligned with my ideals. For the last year while campaigning all across this district, I regularly have people come up after events like this and tell me that while they can’t support me publicly because of peer pressure, they will be voting for me.

But without a doubt, the highlight of the night was the prefatory remarks of Carl Sutton. He was like the kid who said the emperor wasn't wearing any clothes. Here's what he said.

"I'm new to politics, but I'm smart enough to know the difference between a primary election and the general election. I've run a clean campaign, an honorable campaign. But I'm disgusted by these signs on the wall for Baker and the ones on the table in front of me. And the fact that a candidate for another office wasn't even invited to attend here tonight. Then there's the flowers on the table, the bag of treats handed out. Let me tell you, if you're vote can't be bought, then listen to me."

What summed up the evening better than anything else, were whispered comments between two friends in the back of the room. "That guy's got guts. He's saying what everybody's thinking. " To which his friend replied. "Somebody oughta pin a medal on that boy."

Baker and Bigus were asked to comment on the affair, but we have not received responses from them.

I think, by now, it's abundantly clear that Lisa Baker and her campaign minions are utterly classless and do not belong anywhere near the Capitol, where decisions that effect our daily lives are routinely made.
I was at that event, and Carl was right. Shame on you Lisa. Shame on you.
Anybody could have put signs up. All you had to do was ask.
Um yeah, just ask. We Republicans should not pick our leaders and representatives from the good ole boys club. All it gets us is Arlen Spector, Harriet Miers, Bob Dole 96 etc. We must vote for principled idealistic conservatives. Learn from the Republican Revolution of 94. Not a single old boys networker among them.(although some have now fallen for the trappings of power) Vote for change!
Whoever posted that "all you had to do is ask" is lying. I spoke to several of the candidates and they were all (except Lisa of course) told specifically they could not put materials in the room, but that there would be a table in the lobby they could share.

It does give a chuckle though when you read on her website..."The citizens...count on having a Senator who is honest and decent..." Who knows, maybe she will be voting for someone other than herself!?!
I wish I was there to hear Sutton say that. Actually, I wish I could have seen the look on people's faces. Was there any reaction from Baker or the crowd?
Hey candidates: I have an idea- spend some time in the county, get to know the people,maybe they will put up your signs and be supportive ! You shouldn't be senator just because you want to! A little cheese with your whine?
Wine and cheese? Is that you Gary?

Gary Baker is pretty much a zero. The first time I saw him with Lisa, I thought he was her father. Then, I realized he's gray and weathered from all of the no-showing he's been doing at his state jobs.

Also, the Kung Pao at the Peking Chef is belissimo, so make sure you hit it up after you clean the buffet pan out.
Hey anonymous (9:15): Does Lisa really know the people of Pike County, or does she just know Charlie's friends? Your candidate shouldn't be senator just because everybody that worked for Charlie wants to keep their jobs.

And it doesn't surprise me you're giving away cheese to woo the voters.
Madiera said: "It was unfortunate that he (Sutton) had to use up his time to point out the injustice then be chastised repeatedly from the podium afterwards." Actually, Suttons pointing out of the "injustice" took no more than 30 seconds at most. He didn't dwell on it, but rather used his time efficiently to detail his platform. He was never chastised from the podium. He did, however, put the organizers on the defensive as they were caught off guard and, as I saw it, they were the ones who were chastised for allowing Baker's people to "run" the show. This is evident by the fact that they intend to send a letter of apology to the four male candidates. We need a Sutton in Harrisburg to correct the problems there. He has the courage to stand up for the little guy and is not, nor will he ever be a puppet for "big money." This is why I'm voting for Sutton!
As a candidate for the 139th House District I was invited to the dinner but knew that it would be a pro-Peifer event.(They had invited me to join their club and then let me know they were for 'their boy' Peifer.)
I printed out the speech I would have given and handed it and other campaign literature out to the guests as they arrived telling them I wouldn't be able to stay for the event.
Sure wish I could have heard Sutton.
Margaret Mitchener
Margaret - you've gotta lay off the jerky. If you are too afraid too stand up for yourself at a dinner meeting, how can you expect to stand up for the residents of the 139th in Harrisburg? BTW, your cronies Russ and Russ won't be there to help you either.
Norton: how many tulips were on the tables at the Wyoming County dinner yesterday?
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