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Enough is Enough (20thsenatorial Undorsement)

A Vote For Lisa Baker is a Vote for the Status Quo

We have had the pleasure of covering the 20th senatorial race for the past two months. We've observed the candidates at candidate forums and debates, we've traveled from Oakland Borough to Middle Smithfield Township to Nescopeck Borough, we've talked to average voters, we've examined the candidates' issue statements, their responses to our questions and the questions of others. We feel we know the candidates pretty well. One thing has become abundently clear, Lisa Baker should not be our next senator. We need change in Harrisburg and she is too much of the same.

Every time we've seen her at an event, she has a binder of canned answers. She never personally responded to any of our inquiries --- every answer came from a staffer. After reviewing her financial report, we are convinced that she is too beholden to the good ol' boy network which gave her everything she has. Throughout her adult life, she has been handed every job, and the powers that be have groomed her for this Senate position for many years. We live in a democracy, not a monarchy. We elect our senators and representatives, we do not have them thrust upon us by the elitists who think we're too dumb to think for ourselves.

We have four other Republican candidates who would provide a fresh face in Harrisburg.

We are very impressed with Carl Sutton. Sutton, a newcomer to politics, started out slow. In the early part of the campaign, Sutton was hesistent and a bit nervous, but his performance at the Lisa Baker Lovefest in Pike County may be reason enough to vote for him. Carl Sutton will take no crap from the insiders in Harrisburg.

Russ Bigus has impressed us, too. He was the first of the candidates to hammer Lisa Baker on the Blue Cross connection. He brought that issue to the forefront, and that's what we need in Harrisburg --- someone who's not afraid to stand up to the Blue Crosses of this world.

David Madeira has shown a dedication to purpose that is seldom seen in politics. Although we don't agree with all of his views, he is very sincere in his beliefs. He also was very responsive to us with our many inquiries. If this is any indication of what he would be like as a Senator, he'll make us proud.

Jim Haggerty has a proven track record in Kingston. He balanced eight consecutive budgets and cut taxes six times. This is the type of fiscal responsibility that Harrisburg needs to see. We also believe that Haggerty could be a star in Harrisburg.

So when it comes to the 20th Senate seat. Get out and vote. If you want change in Harrisburg, which almost all of us do, DON'T VOTE FOR LISA BAKER. Vote for Haggerty, Bigus, Madeira, or Sutton.


We really like Bob McNamara. He is a man of impeccable character and would make a fine Senator. So to those Democrats in the 20th (both of you) vote for Bob. Bob will have an uphill battle in November, but he will make a worthy opponent for whomever he faces.

You said it Norton. Lisa Baker is a political hack.
Like this is a surprise - This site has been a Lisa Baker bashing site since it's inception.
Jim, I used to call you my friend, but now I've seen your real reason for offering to buy me dinner in Harrisburg. The only kind of star you could be is one of the falling variety. zoom, zoom and buh-bye.
Anonymous 5:20, or should I say Baker supporter. Norton has been very "fair and balanced." It just seems like he discovered the truth. I guess you would have to say to Norton, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." Lisa is a political hack. The puppet cartoon says it all.
to anonymous 5:20 - to be fair, there is an awful lot to bash.
What part of Norton's supposed Baker bashing isn't true? It's like that tv commercial about her --you may not like it but it sounds like the facts are right on the money. Good job, Norton.
That has to be one of the most well reasoned endorsements I've ever read. Norton, take a hardy pat on the back out of petty cash. I don't know if anybody out there knows as much about these candidates as you do. Somehow, I know the Times Leader endorsement won't be as well thought out.
Well done Norton! I know you have worked hard and put out much information on this race, much more that the newspapers! They would do well to check out your reporting.

You have been honest and fair, all the while not taking yourself (or the candidates) to seriously.

Honest and Fair? Ok you did your expose on Lisa - and for God's sake you sound like Haggerty saying "it's not mudslinging it's the facts" But how about your expose on Dave Madeira and his attendance at Bob Jones University-his intolerance of gays, inter racial marriage and even Catholics as taught by his school. And an expose on Haggerty - his relationship with Citizen's For Justice for All (formed and led by Joe Quinn) the fundraisers the organization did for Jim and why (because he agreed not to touch tort reform an issue that so impressed the leading Lackawana Democrat Trial attorneys they were given the go ahead by the democratice party to support him - sorry Bob McNamara). or if you didn't want to go there how about his run ins with the law (speeding, drunk driving) or his support of DUI offenders. Ok Bigus, no expose on him either. You played around with his I'm the only hunter but what about his claims on his ads - I'll order a fast moving .... well who exactly is he going to order and isn't there an insurance commissioner, and wasn't a study just completed? (come to think of it we didn't see that in your articles on Lisa). I am a Lisa Baker supporter because she truly is the most qualified to be my State Senator and over the last few weeks the others (with all their angry commercials, flyers and phone calls) solidified my postition to support her. One last thing, Jim, who is that lady in the commercial? Let us know and maybe Ms. Baker will take her up on her dare - why not investigate that Norton.
I agree with "4 Madeira" and "Susan from Lackawaxen." Norton has posted the good the bad and the ugly about all candidates, and he has done so with candor, insight and (this is the reason I check in on this blog) humor.

Of late, Baker has taken some hits, and this most recent one with the puppet may be the hardest yet. But I have never seen a Baker "hit" that has not been backed by facts, research and reason.

I applaud your efforts Norton for a job well done.
I'm trying to bite my tongue, Anonymous 9:45, and not say something like "sounds like a typical Baker supporter"...making nasty allegations based on nothing but....well, NOTHING!

Well, I won't say it, but the fact of the matter is you haven't a clue what you are talking about!

Madeira has more Catholics working for him on his campaign than you can shake a stick at (I understand both his brothers went to Catholic schools...wonder if he still talks to them?)

Compare the candidates on their issues and their track record...not unfounded (and untrue) allegations!
I thought I liked Bigus but now I wonder how much taxpayer money he will waste on this Blue Cross issue. I was also turned off by his show at that debate mentioned above. I am friends with one of the 117th Rep candidates and when they were giving their closing statements someone wearing a Bigus shirt could be heard talking on a cell phone. At least have the courtesy to leave the room. His no show made an impression on my group and since we'll be going to the polls to support out Rep. candidate it could prove to be a costly move for his campaign.
Hmm...Honest & Fair? Hey Lisa worshiper, why is it that Bob Jones U is not PC and yet we who live by Holy Scripture have the queer lifestyle forced upon us as a society when we believe it is a wrong choice? Perhaps the root of her liberalism (and yours) is her mainstream protestant church which professes all this junk.

Truth is all the RINO Back Mountain elitists and queen eLISAbeth would be voting (D) if they were down in the valley. Follow the money, this is the exact same bankroll that keeps Skrep & Vondy jumping through hoops.

On the brighter side, if plastic eLISAbeth blows this election, she can move to a nice town like West Pittston or Wyoming and wait for Raphael Musto to retire and start over again. That is if her $$ friends don't toss her over the side.
Bigus is empty has no agenda, he and his followers have only big nasty mouths.
In my previous comment the "debate mentioned above" I referred to is actually posted to the gambling story. Sorry for the confusion fellow blog readers.
Bigus has a strong agenda...stop the crap...THAT is s STRONG agenda!!!

Big nasty mouths? What does that mean? I have talked to his people and they are all very nice, normal people.
Anonymous 11:55

What is Bigus's agenda? Please explain. Does he talk more about issues or himself? With all the problems in our area, his top priority is investigating one of his opponent's ex-employers.

And let us talk about his poll. If this was a non-scientific poll posted in a newspaper days before an election, could this be a legal issue? How was the sample obtained? What's the rate of error? Is the poll even valid?
To anonymous 9:45am. If you think Lisa Baker has the balls to look that old lady in the eyes, you are sadly mistaken. She doesn't have the balls to stand up to Pat Solano or Andy Sordoni or Rusty Flack, so she certainly won't have the balls to stand up for us in Harrisburg. Norton is right. Baker is a puppet, and you're naive to by that crap from Brian Grove, et. al. Keep drinking your Baker kool aid.
Thank you for the compliment 4 Madeira
Jim, is this the best you and your campaign staff can do? Guess it's a good thing you have this blog and an ad agency to feed your ego.

We had such high hopes for you too. Looks like I need to make amends with Lisa.
i have to wonder - how many 20th senatorial district voters know of this site? the voter base that reads this site may account for a whopping 1/2 percent of the vote.

In the land of the "big game hunter candidates" - this is an exercise in futility.
To Chairman Lynette, (or should I say Lisa). If you're referring to this blog. It's damn good. It's witty, insightful, and a hell of a lot of fun to read. I don't think any of the campaigns could have pulled this blog off. This Norton must spend all his waking hours on this thing. Thanks Norton. You made watching this campaign fun. What's wrong Lisa? Just because Norton saw the man behind the curtain, you don't like him anymore.
to anonymous 7:45 am - it's "buy" - not "by" - unless that is not taught at parochial schools. Talk about political grabs - principals of parochial schools are always about "who you know" - not what degree or stata accredidation you have.

Wascawwwy Wabbits.
since we have been playing name association, i'll play:
as we have established, lisa baker - blue ribbon foundation , blue cross --- ewwwww.
dave madeira, chiropractor. the leaders of insurance fraud - not implicating dave himself, just playing word association.
jim haggerty, trial lawyer. a republican trial lawyer. talk about an oxymoron. i guess jim missed the announcement last year of the million pound meltdown. he DEFINITELY has not been walking door to door.
Russ Bigus - his reputation on the Dallas School board speaks for itself - feel free to solicit comments of those affected by his WONDERFUL leadership. Excellent example for students - take the low road and sling mud at someone in an attempt to make yourself look good. Great Job Wusseww. Again, Wascawwy Wabbit.
To the person who said Bigus wants to investigate Baker's former employer....yes, that is true...because it sure as hell looks like she and her former employer bilked millions and millions of dollars from area residents. You don't think that's worth it? Hmmm....perhaps you have reaped the benefits of this scam? Do you work for Blue Cross? Do you work for someone who has benefited from the Blue Cross "charitable" donations (to friends)?
anonymous 8:44 - wrong again.

"Norton" has used too many words and phrases that have come verbatim from the mayor's mouth - both publicly and in semi-private settings, as well as in his recent mailings.

And if you know Jim Haggerty like I do, you would know he doesn't copy anyone's style or ideas. They're all his own, just ask him.
no association to BC - just wonder what a freshman senator would be able to "uncover" that the Commissioner of the PID, reviewed by the Governor, and supported by an independent study did not see.

His statements do resonate with all of us affected by the rising cost of health care - no argument there - but let's be realistic. he is going to be Senator #50 in a Senate of 50 people. Again - not a shot at Russ, just the truth. His hands will be tied for years down there. Phyllis Mundy has worked on the issue for YEARS with countless media hits. Is it no wonder she has gone silent? It's because the issue has passed.

He will be able to do NOTHING on the issue. Why not choose some other "out-of-reach" topics to get elected? He should insist the state back date gas prices to 2001. He will solve the entire health care crisis while he is at it. Shoot - 2 Presidential candidates couldn't do it - but Russ can.

1. Have you ever accepted a pay raise as principal of Regis Elementary?

2. As a school board member, are you for raising taxes in Dallas to support out-of-line spending?

3. Supposing there is justification to build a new school building in Dallas: would you put the new building where the football stadium currently is?

4. If the answer to question 3 is “yes”, where in the hell are you going to build the new field?

5. With regards to question 4, would it be alright to assume that the new field would have artificial turf at more expense to the taxpayers?

6. If elected senator, would your experience on a school board help you with property tax reform?
Sadly, anonymous 8:43 is correct in that it is likely only a small fraction of the electorate reads this blog. Sadder still is that (I have to believe) those in traditional media probably do read this blog. From the issue pieces, to the investigative pieces to the humourous sidebars, this blog has been a gold mine of information on the senate race.

It's too bad there aren't any good political investigative journalists 'round these parts. I suppose Elliot Weiler is too busy testing toater ovens.
7. Does Teddy Jackson like you that much or is he just afraid you might hire Ed Michaels?

8. Did George Curry really try to recruit you away from O'Reilly so you could be a star at Brrrr-ick?

9. Did you need a special helmet with cutouts for your ears?
anonymous 9:23 - A health care crisis existed in PA when Phyllis Mundy seemed to be the only one shouting about it. That crisis still exists today. It's anything but a dead issue.

Maybe Phyllis just needs some like-minded friends to join with her to do something about it. I don't think she had much help from a certain retiring do-nothing senior senator. But you are right, this most certainly will become a dead issue if a ceratin hand-picked replacement of a certain do-nothing senior senator has anything to say about it. She-I mean that person owes way too many favors to way too many doctors and insurance company executives that kicked back money into her campaign.
10. What are your views on sky-rocketing healthcare costs, and how have you addressed insurance costs with teachers?

11. As one of two big sportsmen, and the top in your polls, do you feel people really care about turkeys as much as you?
13. Russ, why do you use the Diocese of Scranton's phone line as your campaign headquarters number? You know that's the sort of thing that can get a guy like you ex-communicated. Also, why not just have people shout your name -- I'm sure you'd hear them with your jumbo ears.
14. Why are you picking on Haggerty now? Isn't Lisa enough?

15. What is your stance on anything besides sporstmen issues and the pay raise?
Boy, when someone asks that many questions about a candidate, it becomes VERY apparent that he is the number one thing on your mind. So, that bodes very well for Bigus....and bad for Baker and Haggerty.
Oh, and great job by the times leader...they picked another loser!! Recall, they picked Kerry, Gore, etc....they ALWAYS pick a loser!!
The problem with your candidate is that he forgets there are two other candidates in the race. His negativity towards Baker and Haggerty, along with his lack of respect for the efforts of Madeira and Sutton, has made him one of the undesireable choices. Stop the BIGUS politics!!! I feel very sorry for his family. The money he is wasting on ads would have been a great contribution for his daughter's college fund.
anonymous 9:23 - if Phyllis needs some like minded friends to join her they should run as Democrats! This is a republican primary. Jim: you never answered the question above - who is that lady in the commercial? If it's a paid actress the whole thing is a sham. Name withheld for confidentiality but you'll splash her face all over the district - ha
ooops that last post should have gone to address anonymous 10:12
to 4Madeira I google searched Bob Jones University and there are several articles regarding their stand against Catholics - while they have tempered it and are trying to build that bridge it was once an issue. However they still do not tolerate gays nor inter racial marriage. With all due respect, we should be aware of extreme conservative views of our candidates.
She is not an actress...I know her personally.
great then maybe Lisa could take her up on her dare - wouldn't that be a hoot!
The Times Leader had a 40% chance of picking a loser.
anonymous 4:43, is that you Russ? If not, then it must be your ad salesperson. One of you sure likes CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation points!!!
Hey many DUI did you come up with on Haggerty? Please let us know what you found with all your candidate extensive research.
To Anonymous 8:12am. I don't get into pissing matches with skunks. Before you start making criminal allegations about any candidates, you better be pretty damn sure of your facts. Although, all the candidates are certainly fair game to a plethora of personal attacks, I will not tolerate libelous comments from anyone on my blog, let alone someone who doesn't have the balls to list their own name. I had considered deleting your comment, but that would leave questions, so let this be a message to all. If you are going to slander a candidate, your comment will be deleted. If you have information you would like me to research on a candidate, late as it may be, e-mail me at Thank you.
Norton, looks like you're not a fan of Mondays either. So much for free speech. Help an old woman understand what was so libelous in my comments that you deleted.
Had someone call me today and ask me why I am supporting Madeira instead of Haggerty.

Two simple reasons:

1. Eminent Domain (or the Kelo descision) or the government taking your land and giving it to someone else.

This is a BIG ISSUE and Haggerty supports the governments right to take your property,and give it to someone else if they will generate more revenue from the use of that property.

2. Pro Life.

Madeira stands alone as the person who will strengthen the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act. ALL other candidates said they would support the status quo.

I listened closely to the candidates views on these two issues at the debate and that clinched my decision, since they seem to be close on other issues, thus I sign myself...

4 Madeira
nasty prick russ bogus was once a substitute at Regis and a nice kind woman helped him get his job. when the bastard became principal he had her fired. earlier writer was right, he's a nasty sob just like his state trooper old man!
...are really speed brakes to slow him down when he throws fits. They usually take his gun away from him when his ears are fully deployed.

It's wabbit season wuss!
why all the Bigus bashing all of a sudden? Could it be Russ is cutting into the mythical 75% of the valley vote needed to win this race?

Better call the folks in Susquehanna and Wyoming counties and tell them their votes might mean something after all.
Come on guys, grow up! This campaign should be above this petty name calling. Focus on the issues!
Looks like alot of people kept their Bigus votes to themselves... WASCAWWYY WABBIT.

As predicted - the blog readers are not part of the populous vote.

What a shame..... Off to a victory party. Sleep tight - hunting season is JUST around the corner. haha
Looks like alot of people kept their Bigus votes to themselves... WASCAWWYY WABBIT.

As predicted - the blog readers are not part of the populous vote.

What a shame..... Off to a victory party. Sleep tight - hunting season is JUST around the corner. haha
Does this make Medeira the official sportsman? I mean - he DID beat Bigus like a rented mule.

Madeira ran a classy campaign. Many congrats to Dave.
Election Results: DISGUSTING !!!! ABSOLUTELY!!!
Hey Norton - nothing to say today? your man 3rd? guess that 80% plan just didn't work out!
Hail to the Piss Queen. Change occured everywhere accross the state but here May she plague you stupid bastards for 40 years. Enjoy!
Hey Russ Bigears, now that you lost so badly, you can back to abusing your staff and polishing your gun.

Wasscally Wabbitt
The interesting thing about this race is, that 55% of the people voted against Baker.

We may be a bit behind the curve in NEPA, but the real problem was we could not get together behind one strong candidate!

Hopefully we will learn from that for the next election, and see some of the changes that ousted Bakers old boss, Jubelier, in the middle of the state.
I really think that Baker had her people out voting because they had the most to lose. If only the people who had the most to gain (someone to represent them in all of the issues) really voted in large numbers, someone other than Baker would have won. People need to wise up and vote!!!
4 madeira - love that fuzzy math. Ever stop to think that some of the 55% who voted FOR Haggerty or Bigus or Sutton and the 45% who voted for Baker did so because they didn't want to see the radical right have a voice?

Or maybe it's just that 78% of the district voters don't appreciate loser Pat Toomey imposing himself on us.
I'm surprised to see this blog still online.

The election results mirrored a lot of the activity here. Baker stayed on message and focused on her campaign while other candidates and their supporters launched their personal attacks on a faceless blog.
Yeah, Baker stayed on message alright...I'm a great staffer, so of course I'll be a great leader. Only problem is, Jubelier won't be there in Harrisburg to tell her what to do...

And I was't aware there was a Radical Right in the race.
To the Democratic candidate - ask Baker about her thoughts on prison reform --- after all, her own brother spenty years in the state prison system - sending her to Harrisburg will work - she is used to being around a bunch of crooks!!
What will Baker do without her old boyfriend Jubelier to tell her what position to assume - in the Senate this time!!!!
Lisa -
When you get to Harrisburg - I will tell you when to speak, play dead and rollover - Jubelier will not be there any more to tell you "good doggie."

Love, Patsy
Lisa Baker has spend almost her whole life on the public payroll; her husband, Gary, has spent almost his whole life on the public payroll; Lisa's brother spent most of his life on the public prison system. What a great family to serve Pennsylvania; Lisa makes laws; her brother made license plates...
Baker had a brother who was a convict? Where was the press on this one?
Is it really true that Baker "interned" under Bob Jubelier?? His track record makes Monica woring with Clinton sound like Madonna as a virgin.
Let's see, Baker's a cunt, brother's crook! Got it!
I know you. You're a Wilkes graduate (where you did a little grass) with an MA... the nerdy looking guy sitting at the Tudor Book Store with your legs crossed reading My Lie by William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, while sipping an expresso and eating a sandwich!

I see you're driving a used Prius too!
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