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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Madeira Says Bigus Lied in His Mailer About Being the Only "Sportsman" in the Race

Madeira has issued a press release questioning Bigus' assertion that Bigus is the only sportsman in the race. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it depends on what your definition of is, is, or in this case, what your definition of sportsman is. Here's Madeira's press release in full, followed by Bigus' response to 20thsenatorial.

From: David Madeira for Senate

May 8, 2006

Bigus, Come Clean on Your Lies!

(DALLAS, PENNSYLVANIA) Today, many Northeast Pennsylvania residents got a bonus with their daily paper – a flier from the Russ Bigus camp stuffed in the box once again touting that he is the only sportsman in the race. One problem. It isn’t true.

State Senate Candidate David Madeira is calling opponent Russ Bigus on his repeated assertion that he is "the ONLY sportman in the senate campaign." Madeira said, "It's gone from a small fish story to a whale of a tale. My opponent is claiming something that he knows not to be true and I have told him so personally months ago. I come from a many generations of hunters and have been a sportsman since I was old enough to get a hunting license.”

“I am a life member of the Gun Owners of America and a member of the NRA since 1993. For Russ to continue to make his assertions shows a reckless disregard, not just for the truth, but for basic provable facts. What can you believe on that flyer? Is he telling the truth about never taking a pay raise? Is he telling the truth about supporting term limits? If he is can’t get his facts straight now, what will he do when he gets in office?”

While Madeira was unsuccessful in his forays into the woods this year, last year he was able to bag an 8-pointer, which is currently at the taxidermist being mounted. Madeira so believes in the second amendment and teaching good sportsmanship that his daughter, who is his hunting buddy, has even been awarded the Outstanding Hunter/Trapper Education Student “Interest-Commitment” Achievement Award from the Factoryville Sportsman’s Club in Wyoming County.

Bigus' Response

Aren't I?

attack the bitch, she's the real enemy
Whoa, a little hostile...

I think we need to look at all the candidates, not just the ones we don't like. After all, this is a 5 way race.

If, as Madeira claims, Bigus knew Madeira was a sportsman, but continues to say he's the only one, then there is a credibility issue.

The sportsman issue may be a minor one...but I want to be able to trust what someone says.

The last thing we need in Harrisburg is someone else who will talk out of both sides of their mouth.
Bigus has had the same message all along...he's consistent and clear. Madeira is just crying at this point...like he didn't get picked for the pick-up baseball game by the other kids.
You have got to be kidding me! You are actually calling a Madeira a cry baby because he tells the truth! That's your defense of Bigus stating a falsehood as a fact? What is this, third grade?

Clinton was consistent and clear too, he stayed on message, but even he had to come clean eventually
My league of women voters is sponsoring a hunt for all the candidates. We must know for sure who the biggest sportsman is in the event of a wild game attack on the senate floor. The voters must be informed.
If Madeira is a hunter, then wonderful for him. He sure seems to be desperate. It just seems convenient that after Bigus rightfully made hunting an issue in this race, Baker tried and now Madeira too.
I wonder if he'll say he can beat Bigus in arm wrestling too?
Actually, it appears it was Bigus that made it an issue. If you claim to be the "only" anything, you better be right, or be ready to be called a liar if your wrong.
Could one of you pweez tell me if it's duck season or wabbitt season?
Great - put the damn deer before the people of the district. Let's rethink these priorities, and start acting your age gentlemen!

your both starting to sound like spoiled brats. Don't forget to pick up your marbles before you storm out of the room with a fat lower lip.
It's not about putting deer before the district, it's about understanding that deer and hunting is a big part of the lives of a lot of people in the district. It is a tradition....and for years, residents have complained about poor hunting conditions due to neglect by the state (Game Commission). Plus, hunting is a huge economic boost for MANY businesses in PA. SO, moron, Bigus seems to be smart enought to realize that hunting/deer management by the state IS a big issue. Pennsylvania sells as many, if not more, hunting licenses than any other state in the country.
It's duck season.
It's rabbit season!
Thanks Russ, for putting Anonymous 1:35 in his place, although I don't think you'll win his vote calling him a moron.
Silly wabbit - Trix are for Kids !
anonymous 9:57, I think you're mixing references. This will only confuse the voter. Let's stay on issue here.
Don't worry when Baker returns to Harrisburg she'll get rid of a few more game commissioners
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