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Much Ado About Nothing

Haggerty Receives a Whopping $675 more from Lawyers than Baker

Jim Haggerty should be ashamed of himself. If you're a lawyer, Haggerty, where's all that lawyer money. The financial reports have been reviewed, and Haggerty's lawyer contributions amount to $675 more than Baker. (Based on financial reports filed on May 6, 2006, we determined that Baker received $12,600 from people identified in the legal profession, whereas Haggerty received $13,275) Maybe he's not as "in bed" with the lawyers as the conventional wisdom would have us think. We were, to say the least, surprised. We were beginning to believe the "word on the street," but we guess R. Saunders and John Adams were right --- facts are stubborn things.

Perhaps Baker's old boss Senator Charles Lemmond (also one of those "evil" lawyers) could account for Baker's more than respectabe showing among lawyers. A cursory review of old Lemmond financial report shows that Lemmond always received hefty donations from the legal community.

Haggerty did in fact receive contributions from those in the legal field, which was expected. After all, the guy is a lawyer. So was Charlie Lemmond. In fairness, we checked Madeira's report, a chiropractor, who took a lot of money from chiropractors. Bigus and Sutton did not have sufficient funds to warrant scrutiny.

A further review of Haggerty's finacial report shows that only 3 of the top 20 money contributors to the Haggerty campaign were lawyers. Haggerty's three largest contributors consisted of $10,000 from his aunt, $5,000 from a college room mate, and $5000 from a Kingston businessman.

We're really glad we took the advice of the commenters, or we wouldn't have gotten to the bottom of this. Thank you.

I guess it isn't always so much where the money comes from, but where you stand on the issues.

The lawyers say Haggerty will bolster "...strong Democratic support and a razor-thin margin of moderate Republicans in the Senate..."
(*Committee for Justice for All )

My guess is Baker will be just as moderate (ie. liberal) as her former bosses. Do we really need another moderate republican in the senate, who will be no different than the democrats?

Two interesting notes on the "evil" lawyers (Nortons words, not mine). I found out Madeira's brother is a lawyer, as is his Campaign Chairwoman. I was teasingly upbraided for a mild lawyer joke in a conversation with his chairwoman and someone else.

Issues matter, not who you know, and thats why Madeira's got my vote!
Shut up Madeira. Just because someone is a lawyer, doesn't make them a "liberal." Since when did being a trial lawyer (and I don't believe Haggerty does any Personal Injury law) become the bogeyman for conservatives. I'm a proud conservative, and I believe in personal responsibility. So if a doctor screws up and costs me the life of one of my family members, you can bet your autographed pictures of Ronald Reagan I'm gonna sue the bastard. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. That's what it means to be a conservative. Unfortunately, the doctors are trying to protect the incompetents in their ranks.

We seem to forget, juries made up of average citizens (not lawyers) give the jury awards. The life of my wife or one of my kids is worth a hell of a lot more than $250,000 because some doctor fell asleep or screwed up a simple medical procedure --- and in some cases then tried to cover it up.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Madeira guy.
Good reporting Norton. At least you take the time to do the research and not let the political establishment force feed Lisa Baker down your throat.
Anonymous 2:18pm, I gues your brand of conservatism doesn't care much for free speech, but thankfully I do not have to "shut up".

Trial lawers aren't the bogey man, but the ones that align themselves with the liberals are.

I too want the right to sue (and I want a good lawyer to do it) if a Dr messes up, but the problem with the current system is, all doctors get punished, not just the careless ones. We need good Dr's as well as good lawyers.

If you look at Madeira's website, reform means more than just caps... you have to get out of the world of political soundbites.
The issues are alot more complex than that.

Speaking smoking, I gave that up, but thanks anyway!
conservative is just another word for nothing left to lose
Why is Shakespeare giving us the evil eye?
Damn slick politicians. I guess that's where they get their money --- from aunts and college room mates. And I always thought the slick ones in NEPA got their money from the Sordonis, the Flack, and the Pat Solanos.
I'll bet the next campaign expense report will tell the true story. we'll see how much lawyer money Haggerty banked so he could make his $50000+ media buy last week. It's a shame there's no 48-hour reporting requirement for state senate candidates.

damn all those attorneys. sure didn't help me, but I still have the big black book.
don't worry the contributions were tracked - Joe Quinn et al gave alot more than it looks like - all you have to do is a little investigation - it will all come out in a timely fashion - Jim You Are Done! (within the republican party that is --- you have always made a great democrat)
anonymous 7;57 and 9;53
reading your comments, both of you read like the 2 biggest losers on the face of the earth. there will come a time in your life you may need a lawyer for whatever reason, and i hope each one will tell you to go f@#$ off. I hope your boy medeira finishes at least 4th. something to stride for so your tuesday's not a complete waste of time
Somehow I don't think anonymous 7;57 and 9;53 are Madeira supporters. He has been running an issue oriented campaign, not resorting to profanity and unsubstantiated attacks to get his point across.

He is also NOT anti-lawyer, but does have the ability to see problem areas and lead toward workable solutions for both sides.

That's why I'm proud to stand behind my candidate, David Madeira, and look forward to his upset win on Tuesday!
you used the right word "upset" but in the wrong meaning.
Wow, how long did it take to think up that zinger?
You said " conservative is just another word for nothing left to lose"

Please complete your sentence with truth

"after liberals get done taking everything they can get their hands on."
Lawyers are like having a pet rattle snake in your front shirt pocket. Just be careful.
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