Sunday, May 21, 2006


OK, We're Sticking Around

20thsenatorial Will Cover the General Election

You've talked us into it. So as long as Baker doesn't have us shut down, deported, or imprisoned, we will continue to cover this race. The ole microbus probably has another campaign left.

We'll be taking a little break for a while, but we'll try to post periodically throughout the summer. Come Fall, we'll be plugging away. Please send any information you have to us at There's a lot more investigating into certain issues that has to be done. Help us out.

so glad your sticking around.. I really looked forward to this blog everyday
WE need YOU!!! Someone has to ferret out the corruption of the Republican candidate - with Lisa Baker in Pat Solano's pocket, all of us in the 20th district need you to keep truth alive!
really who cares - we know already what will be written and with what spin
8:53 Please let us know what's not correct about Lisa Baker. Check back often
While this blog is fun to read don't expect to see anything positive - this site has been a Baker Bashing site since it's inception. Instead, go to the candidate's (any candidate) website, read what they say, go to the debates. Learn for yourself what Baker or anyone else is all about then vote!
Yes, go to Baker's site and read all the snoozing banalities. And don't worry, like Charlie, she's not going to rock the boat either. All Lisa's concerned about now is working on her re-election and keeping her large cash friends happy.
Ok, less than one month til the election, and we still haven't heard from you...

Anyone notice todays Suburban News article where McNamara states he is Pro Life and Baker is NOT! Any truth to that?

Also, interesting addition to the Baker website on the abortion issue...where was that stance during the primary?
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