Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Pike County Republican Women Respond to the Lisa Baker Lovefest

Yolanda Goldsack Blames The Lovefest on Two Disrespectful Men

20thsenatorial, in its never ending battle to wake up sleeping dogs, has come upon the response of Yolanda Goldsack, Chairwoman of the Pike County Republican Women (PCRW.) We reported earlier this week that The PCRW's Dinner had turned into a Lisa Baker Lovefest. See "The Emperor is Wearing No Clothes." Apparently we weren't the only ones who thought so. Here's Yolanda's unedited letter to the Board of the PCRW.

I received a phone call on May 1st from Jim Haggerty's office complaining as Mr. Sutton had done at the dinner that this function was not a function for all Republican Candidates, but a function endorsing Lisa Baker.
They pointed out that on the tables there were flowers put there by Bill and Austin LaMac endorsing Lisa Baker.
When Mr. LaMac Sr. was asked by Council Member Lynn Murco to please remove the flowers from the table he responded with "We'll be friends after the election" and refused to remove the flowers.
To add more fuel to the fire making this look more like a function for Lisa Baker, there were also Silver bags placed on the tables by Mr. Forbes that read Forbes forged like steel for Lisa Baker. Lisa Baker signs were also posted at the Head Table giving the impression that the Pike County Council of Republican Women was endorsing Lisa Baker.
All other Republican Candidates and their supporters respected the instructions in the invitation that there would be a separate table provided for their campaign material.
The actions of these two men was an embarrassment to the Women's Council and to the Lisa Baker Camp.
It is my recommendation that a formal letter by the Republican Women's Council be sent to all Candidates apologizing for the actions of the two men that showed no respect for the Women's Council and their fellow Republicans.
The Council needs to make it clear that the Council during the Primary does not endorse any candidate.
I further recommend that an emergency Board meeting be held ASAP to formulate this letter.
I also recommend that at future functions it should be made clear in the invitations that any campaign material placed on the dinner tables will be removed and Candidate Signs cannot be posted at the head table.

Yolanda Goldsack

Yolanda tells it like it is
Where do you get this stuff?
Norton, you have a wicked sense of humor.
The republican party needs to become united before the democratic party takes over. This is proof that the party is divided and needs new leadership.
Why don't you get a life, besides typing lies and trying to destroy innocent people. The people involved should go after you and your friends legally. The law does protect people from liars and gossips like you.
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